ZUMBA and a Massage

Zumba at My Body
Zumba at My Body


My wife asked me today if I wanted to go to town this evening and workout at “My Body” Fitness Center in Calbayog City. After working outside most of the day, I was pretty exhausted and suggested that I would drive her to her ZUMBA workout and I’ll get a P300 massage ($6.89) while she was getting all sweaty. She agreed and we were off quicker than the power can go out right at the end of a movie (brownout). So she did her workout, I did my thing, and had time to drink a couple of beers to help her offset all the calories that she was burning! She finished, we drove home.

It was just another day in paradise!

5 thoughts on “ZUMBA and a Massage

  1. Very interesting blog. Nice meeting you @ the va clinic. Keep writing.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, sir. I live in New York but my Lola is from Allen, Northern Samar. My parents are retired now as well and are currently in Allen. I am actually heading there next week to celebrate my Lola’s 95th birthday.

  3. Thank you for reading my articles. I have been to Allen as that is where the ferry’s arrive from Matnog, Bicol. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip and maybe you can make it down to Calbayog City to check things out. I’m always available (most days) to meet my readers for a cup of coffee or whatever. You can contact me easily on fb @ Retired in Samar.

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