Zip Line Opens Soon In Calbayog City

Zip, Zip, and Away!

It’s almost official, the long-awaited Zip Line Adventure located at Malajog Beach is now open for testing!  I’m sure it won’t be much longer and it will be open to the public¹. Also, a nature trail that winds through dense forest and over marble and limestone formations offers hidden caves and overlook points of view along the way before the reaching the end of the trail at the top of the rocky point that is the tip of Malajog Ridge.

Daraga Islet, Majalog Beach
Daraga Islet, Malajog Beach

According to the project engineer, Ashley Albaña, the nature trail and overlooks are also a part of the Malajog Tourism Development Project. The eco-trail follows along Malajog Ridge almost a kilometer, starting a few meters off the national highway in Barangay Malajog. The zip line begins at the top of Malajog Point and ends at Daraga Islet across from Malajog Beach. The zip line is estimated to cover a distance of about 850 meters and is considered the country’s first “mountain to island” zip line by local sources. It is also considered one of the longest zip lines in the country. The zip trip lasts nearly 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Personally, I haven’t been out there yet but rumors put the cost of the zipline adventure at P200.  I’m also not sure about the return trip arrangements and I’m sure it is by pump boat… but maybe it will be cheaper if you are allowed to swim your way back! The cost of just walking the Nature Trail is P20 with no Zipline pass.
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1. An update to opening day has been provided to me by nature trail officials to be the 23rd of April delayed until after the elections on May 9th. Finishing touches are being applied to the comfort rooms and other launch area facilities.

10 thoughts on “Zip Line Opens Soon In Calbayog City

  1. I did my best to prepare for the Zip lines at treetop Adventure in Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines, but was unable to get on them due to not having my size ties/straps. I am a pretty big fella, but I did my best to prepare for the adventure by loosing weight (55 lbs), but I was still toeo big at 6′ 2″ and 245 lbs. They just did not have the size for me. I wonder if this zip line has something for my waistline 42″

  2. I couldn’t tell you exactly Jesse but bring along some duct tape and make your own. Here at least, if you break your harness and fall, you will land in the water! lol

  3. I tried the zipline last sunday and its the best so far( i tried the ziplines in davao and cebu). I posted my pics in FB and everyone was in awe as to how picturesque the view was. It was exhilarating and definitely not for for the faint hearted. 9.5/10 stars, my only complain was the way up to the cliff but will defintely recommend it to everyone! Absolutely a must try!!!

  4. So it is open to the Public? The last I heard was that it would open on Easter Sunday? Better early than late I guess! How much was the cost to ride?

  5. I was part of those who tested it. Its going to be 200.00 and will be open to the public during Easter sunday.

  6. I guess it is safe to assume since you are safe that the zip line is also safe. The only thing not safe is my P200! lol

  7. I just checked on the validity of that “Barangay List” via the link provided by Calbayog City government (City website) and it is no longer functional. Not surprising though.

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