[Before Paradise] Yesterday Was Good – Today Was Better!

The Polaroid One Step
The Polaroid One Step

…From the home front!

Today I uncovered our old Polaroid One Step camera tucked away in a drawer. Being the curious kind (meanderer) of guy that I am, I immediately went to Google for help. A couple of Yahoo questions here, and blog posts there, of inquiries into buying Polaroid cameras and whether the film was even still available and yada…yada…yada.  So off to eBay I go and discover that the same camera I paid nearly $90.00 for eons ago, is now available at the starting bid of ….wait for it……..get ready ………. $4.99!  How embarrassing. So now I figure the film must be really cheap since there is no demand for the camera itself.  Get this – the film is like 5  and 6 times greater than the price of the camera! Must be the silver in the film I don’t know, but the idiot in me tells me I should have invested in Polaroid film! Auugghhhh!  Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Yesterday I watched out the window from behind my desk and observed three (3) cars drive up, stop, pause, turn around and repeat the same. All in the same day! WOW!!!!!  Because the last showing of our house was way back just after Thanksgiving, I’m really starting to wonder whether there are any buyers out there. Today I got a call from the occupants of one of those cars and they set an appointment with me to see the house this coming Saturday! Although that’s a minor (sigh of relief) step thingy, it’s a showing, and without showings you cannot sell real estate! Do the Patron Saints work overtime?

Update to come in a few days!

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  1. Good luck with that Randy. Maybe they will be the ones. I hope so.

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