Working to Live – It’s Insane!

As I wind down my second career of real estate, I recently scoured my real estate blog and re-visited many of the hundreds of blogs I’ve written over the years. Sometimes it’s interesting (sometimes scary) to re-analyse your thoughts from way back then, and in doing so, learn something about yourself in retrospect (refining wisdom?).

One of last blog posts I published originated out of much frustration with the state of the housing market, the real estate industry, and the economy on the whole. But it was the fact I was working much harder for far fewer peanuts, or much less than I was used to. It was like taking a huge cut in salary and being told to put forth twice the effort. Who in their right mind wouldn’t say “Take This Job and Shove it!”

Here is that blog article as it ties into my decision to search out beaches and palm trees:

Life is Free! Well, Cheaper with Age Anyway.


While commenting on a particular blog in a different forum, I sided with the blogger’s own personal dissatisfaction in generating income with something he really loves doing…Blogging.  As I shared my love of earning an income in something I really enjoyed doing (real estate), I realized something about myself. It’s not about an idea that just surfaced, but about a hidden desire that has been burning deep within me for a very long time.

The desire of less money?  Yes, that’s it! 

Wanted: Two Trees!
Wanted: Two perfectly spaced trees!

For many years – and like many other working class slaves learn – I only understood the need for more money. There is never enough, and when there is, we all NEED more. Today, the “more with less’ mantra has arrived within me and has attached itself as a pinned ideal to my own fulfillment of life. Over time, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that life is not all about owning a huge home or a number of cars, motorhomes, (sailboat), or all the luxury items that one accumulates. It’s really about family, friends, relationships, sunrises (and sunsets), and most importantly, healthy living. All this can be easily disguised with a false sense of security by the possession of material things.

As “tried” as I am in the real estate business, I am at that point in my career where if I am the chosen one (for real estate transactions), then I will accept that I was selected based on my past performance and/or experience. If not, it doesn’t matter anymore. I am okay with winding down. I have no need to be a top producer anymore (I also learned that good customer service is sacrificed with top production status) and will work hard for those who elect my services.

My real reason: The exact opposite reason for needing more money! Life can become very hum drum working for the next almighty dollar, only to give more of it away (taxes) and to spend it on things we really don’t need. From time to time, I will reel in my common sense and analyse the how’s and whys, and only recently did I realize that nothing was registering on my quality of life meter. We work, we earn, we spend….(I call this the work-to-live syndrome) and in many cases it’s simply not healthy, IMO. In addition to the listing and selling of real estate, I have also found blogging to be self-satisfying, to a point, and sometimes it feels like it has become obligatory. I finally arrived at a point with my online presence that I became saturated with these obligations and then realized that it was not returning the $$$ commensurate with the amount of time I was spending cranking out all this superfluous garb (blogging did not necessarily equate to more income). After many years of building an online presence, I have slowly begun to dis-assemble my online identity. And I’m enjoying the equivalent satisfaction of winding down.

So I have chosen the path to more relaxation and less work. I simply don’t need more than I need to be content. Being content with working hard at something with only the expectation of success is pure insanity. To me, contentment is not in the material things that we accumulate in life. Hell, it takes more work just to keep up with it all. These days, I’m mostly content with giving advice for free. I might as well, as I’m not using it anymore!

Besides, I have relaxation on my mind and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as I thought!

Originally published 02/13/2012, Active Rain Real Estate Network

2 thoughts on “Working to Live – It’s Insane!

  1. So you’re writing in a blog to say that you don’t want to blog anymore? jk – I get the point.
    I agree. Sure it’s nice to have money to do things occasionally, but overall, it’s not so important if you can put yourself in the right situation. Unfortunately you will need some money to live these days, but you can make it where it doesn’t have to be an abundance of money. That usually means spending and/or saving money when your young so you can relax when your older. That’s the same thing that has been preached for years, but some people just don’t get the message. They are too busy spending those dollars on stuff they want, not stuff that they need. That’s when it’s a good time to listen to the older folks with more experience.

  2. Actually, it boils down to one important thing John. Blogging because I want too vs. blogging as a requirement for success in business. At least now I don’t have to be tied to a desk, and especially when the ocean will be at my front door! 😉

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