Where Do You Want To Go?

Today, I was browsing my other blog site, Steemit.com, and discovered a new application built upon the Steemit platform. It is a travel digest application which allows Steemit content creators to upload their travel blogs and photos to a world map.

                       Steemit World Map

The aim of this site is to connect travelers from all over the world and have them share their personal experiences with one another, through this convenient and simple portal.

Currently, the Philippines is way out front with postings (next to NYC and European Destinations) on this site with write-ups and photos about the Philippines.

I uploaded a video to the Philippines (island of Samar) and a “Touring the Island of Guam” post and photos (Guam) and I will likely get busy uploading more content to make it easier for many more travelers to find more and better content about the Philippines (or Guam).

So, if you are interested in looking at some different content for a change (instead of these same old boring expat blogs), take a look at this:

Steemit World Map

And if you care to learn how to make a little money while using the Steemit site, don’t hesitate to sign up and start curating today!

… but make sure you come back!