What You Should Know About Online Incomes to Live in the Philippines

Talk is Cheap, Incomes Requires Working!

When it comes to internet income generation that will provide support for living in the Philippines, there is much to be said about the success chances of making a good living online. Then again, there is a lot more to be said about the disappointing returns many individuals actually realize in their online efforts. It doesn’t take much effort to find resources online that will guide you toward internet money-making ideas. And MOST of these resources offer up their products, services, and ideas in exchange for your money, to help you create you own online business or ideas that you can market to others for the purpose of, yep…you guessed it….make money! It can be a vicious circle really in its most basic form; Information is sold by one person online and another purchases it with money, in order to learn how to generate information or learn how to market product that you can sell online, for money. Can you see the irony here? Beat a dead horse will you!

Making lucrative amounts of money using the internet is something many people often think of and even fantasize about. The very idea of online incomes is supported by a huge industry that surrounds all the effort that goes into it. 

Just recently I responded to an online conversation about how some internet marketing ideas can be so misleading, and before I knew it, it was like Valentines Day I had so many arrows coming my way. It seems when you rock the online income boat, even just a little, the entire fleet shows up in defense mode. I was subjected to an immediate commentary, with overtones of dissuasion. But I was not deterred in my opinion and I still stand behind my generalization that all internet incomes are not generated equally. Or easily! When someone who advertises their own successes to sell their product by insinuating that they themselves make a lot of money online, then I see red flags. And when these certain online entrepreneurs offer to sell an array of e-books on how to accomplish multiple online income streams while professing to accomplish it all when they say “Only work two to three hours per day,” well…I will call that person out! That’s what I did and that’s when the Tomahawk missiles were launched at me.

The intent of this article is not to point at one individual’s attempts to mislead the inquisitive public, but to help those looking for income solutions to better understand the online income generating industry on a whole. The idea that you can make money on the internet is real. That is certain! The idea that you can live on or even get rich with incomes generated online is also true, but more akin to playing the lottery. The odds are stacked so high against the latter type of success, anyone who contemplates the same better hope to have their galaxies aligned perfectly.

Income is a Must – and Then There is the Reality of It

It's a bigger puzzle than you might think.
It’s a bigger puzzle than you might think.


The realities of making a good income  online are not really far-fetched,  and  are well grounded in the fact that one  must have a good  understanding of  how it all works. Jumping into the  blogosphere or  cyberspace hoping to  cash-in without any skill or ability has  about the  same success chances as  a deaf  person playing Pin the Tail on  the  Donkey. There are many factors  that can  determine online success    and it all begins with  passion. That in  itself can  be a real  dilemma –  not  knowing how well  someone will like  doing what they  have never  done  before! One can never possess a passion for  something  they do  not like  doing. Okay, you can call it a quandary.  Here are some other  basic  common factors that will determine online income success:



  • Domain Name – Do you have or can you obtain a quality domain name that will be easily marketed and found by search engines?
  • Product – Will you be selling a tangible product, information, or publishing a blog?
  • Skill Level – Have you any marketing skills? Writing skills? How about computer skills?
  • Niche – Do you have a niche product or idea? Selling Pet Rocks is so last century and discussing get-rich quick schemes via the internet is like a marshmallow on fire…its been way overdone.
  • Monetization – How will you monetize your platform? For example, if your idea is to blog and make money with Adsense, then don’t expect to see a lot of money. Sources of earnings from a website or blog can be as varied and as complex as the weather.
  • Computer/Internet Knowledge – Do you know your way around the keyboard?  Do you understand Website hosting?Do you have a good grasp of web-based publishing concepts or web development operations and related marketing techniques?  Will you be using a “free” or “customized” platform? Do you understand all there is to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • Costs – Will you assume all responsibility for your site or will you hire out the technical side of things like website design, developer, site maintenance, domain hosting, etc.
  • Determination – How determined are you? Can you spend upwards of 8 hours per day just getting started? Can you compete?
  • Reliability of Infrastructure – The least thought about factor when living in the Philippines is power and internet availability and reliability. These two most overlooked issues combined can provide for some lengthy downtime and production worries.
A must read for bloggers

These are just a few of the factors that need to be considered before making a commitment to developing an online venture. Going forward with an idea into the “online” realm without a solid or fundamental understanding of what it is that you’re doing is sort of like testing the depth of water with both feet. If one has little or no knowledge of the realm of computers, internet, and web basing incomes, know that the learning curve is rather steep and will require a lot of one’s time just learning the ropes. Implementation is the horse of another color and will also take up a lot of time. To earn a “self-supportive” income online requires an effort at least equal to that of a full-time job. DO NOT be mislead on this. Once one acquires the knowledge and successfully gains entry and a solid address in cyberspace, only a half of a battle remains…the forever and ongoing effort of sustaining your existence. Of course, if all one desires is simply to establish a supplemental income, it is a different game and you may try the learn-as-you-go-method with little risk. Then it is not a job but more of a hobby….like mine. I write and post when I feel the desire to do so, and not because I have to! At one time in my working career, I was tied to my desk for a minimum of 10 hours a day just in support of my total online marketing presence, which included a real estate blog. It eventually led to burnout and my ultimate retirement from real estate. Read my previous article on Burn Out.

As it has been said many times before, ‘living’ here in the Philippines as an expat, foreigner, guest, or tourist, requires an income.  If one doesn’t already have an established income and is considering delving into the internet in search of a means of support, they should do themselves a big favor – don’t come here to live with the idea of launching online business afterwards. You will quickly discover that living here with no money will be utterly miserable, and that is an understatement. Before anyone decides to venture forth with any internet-based money-making ideas, they should do the research that will provide a solid understanding of where they may be headed. There is way to much information available online for free and is the place to begin before spending hard-earned money on online schemes or purchasing libraries of “How-To” e-books. While some of these sites and books can offer good information, rarely will you see an actual in-depth blueprint for success. Remember, the person who is successful at selling his product to you has the blueprint that they have developed through many hours of hard work…why would they simply give you the entire recipe? …. to compete with them?  Not hardly! While there may be some good literature out there for sale, one shouldn’t just throw money at the first e-book they find online. Look for sites that might offer free sampling’s of their published content and or money back guarantees.

Tied to the Internet for Too Long!
Passive Incomes? Too much like work!

As one blogger to a potential online entrepreneur, I treat my blog more like a hobby than a job and would never choose or expect to make a living at it. And, if I did, I surely wouldn’t be able to enjoy all that life here has to offer. There is simply too much relaxation to be had here…who want’s to work that hard? And here in the Philippines, with electricity brownouts and internet reliability issues that are all to common, it can all add to a lack of productivity through down time. With that said, it would not be wise to put so many eggs in one basket. There are very few expats that actually live here in the Philippines who are entirely supported with an online income. I will  recommend to anyone who is considering the online income method as their sole support of living in the Philippines to do all the work that is needed before hand, and get that income established BEFORE you purchase a one way ticket.  And proceed with caution, that internet puddle might be pretty deep!

If anyone is interested in pursuing blogging for a supplemental income, I will suggest the very first investment that should be made is the popular book Blogging for Dummies by Susannah Gardner/Shane Birley, and can be found at most major bookstores or online at Amazon.com

Anyone looking to make money “passively” using the internet, I will leave you with a little homework…a reality check if you will. (CLICK HERE) To anyone who does the work necessary and invests the time needed that leads to online success, I congratulate you on a job well done. Only then it will be time to move to paradise!



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