We Head Deep Into the Samar Jungle Looking For a Miracle!

Miracle Hot Springs, Samar, Philippines

Some days are just ripe for adventure. This was one of those days when no one in particular, decided to round-up some family members and head up the river deep into the jungles of Samar, in search of a Miracle (personally, it was a miracle some of us even made it through the day!). This video captures our trek from the barangay of Oquindo in Western Samar (just outside Calbayog City), about 10 kilometers up the Hibatang River through the jungle to “Miracle Hot Springs Resort.” There are folks who trek to the Hot Spring regularly because they truly believe in the curative properties of the hot spring waters. You will notice the Hot Spring has been fenced off and the water extracted into a small pool for curing those ailments. Personally, when it is 95 degrees and 85% humidity, who wants to sit in 120 degree water?

Along the way you will take in the sights, see some river “sand farmers,” a water taxi or two, and some rural residents doing their laundry. We brought along a big picnic lunch to have something to look forward to when we got there… just in case! And just who would have thought that so deep in the jungle you could buy snack foods, beer and phone loads?

Need a Miracle? … come along for the ride!

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