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Overloaded JeepneyTransportation is More Fun in the Philippines! If you have never been to the Philippines, this video of various methods of transportation can seem hilarious, but you will witness how people travel and get around this country on a daily basis. People here utilize various methods of transportation, and many do it as a necessity, because they usually have no other alternative. In this video you will see overloaded vehicles, buses, boats and the strangest methods of moving people and goods around, including entire families on motorcycles. Seemingly with all common sense and concerns of personal safety aside, this is just the way it is in the Philippines. Is it legal? In many cases probably not, but enforcement is usually always overlooked. The modes of transportation you will see are not all inclusive as the limits of getting from one place to another is limited only by one’s imagination. I remember once seen a carabao (water buffalo) inserted into a Jeepney (Jitney) backwards, with it’s head protruding outside the vehicle and just watching his own world go by. The carabao seemed perfectly okay with his method of transport (I’m sure he would agree that it was easier than walking), so why would anyone else seem to care? Surprisingly, from a westerner’s way of thinking, the number of injuries and/or fatal accidents related to these choices of transport are relatively low, and probably a resultant of overall slower speeds of travel (and above average driving skills). The liberty to choose how you travel in the Philippines is just another cherished freedom of choice – one that has been lost in most western cultures. However you choose to do many things in the Philippines is usually always acceptable and always easily forgiven in this culture. As a westerner coming to the Philippines to live, I look at it as regaining a lost liberty and to me, it’s just a luxury of living in paradise!

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  1. I guess when you have seen something like this so many times, it’s not a big deal anymore. I didn’t see anything that made me laugh or get big eyed. I guess that means I am so use to it, it’s nothing special. I remember when I first came to the Philippines though, it made me stare, and often.

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