Video – The Sands of Tomaligues, Samar

Coffee and a Low Tide
Coffee and a Low Tide


Since moving here to Samar in the Philippines, we occasionally make the 50 meter walk from our home to the ocean where it becomes a world of adventure at low tide. We can literally walk for several kilometers and enjoy all that nature provides. This day, we took our beach chairs and coffee with us and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

Watch the Video below….

17 thoughts on “Video – The Sands of Tomaligues, Samar

  1. Beautiful video Randy! I had to laugh when you mentioned going to the low-tide with a cup of coffee. 🙂 Reminds me of my Navy days. Are you a retired CPO? Just curious here. Happy to see you and your asawa are enjoying the simple, good life. Can’t wait to return myself later this year. Take care and as we say in Hawaii, “Hana Hou”, i.e. “let’s do it again”!

  2. I know that might sound strange, but this old sailor has to have his coffee in the morning…regardless of where I plan on sitting! lol

  3. Very nice video & music! Thanks for sharing Randy!

  4. Thanks Randy!
    Actually I have done that already for example during low tide in Santiago White Beach in town San Fransisco Camotes Islands which also is not very deep beach but awesome large and sandy. Love it!
    There is life in under the sand!

  5. Randy!
    No I don`t! I mean in Camotes Islands where my wife comes from! I`ve not been in “your beach” there, but I can see it`s even bigger and lower than this Santiago I mean. It is very interesting to walk and have experiences as like in your video.. “now you see – now you don`t!” 🙂 There is life in the sand indeed!

  6. Ok! Nice to hear! Sorry about my “Finglish” ! English is not my mother language, studied that only 5 years back in -70s in secondary school. .. Take care!

  7. Sure! Camotes is a very wonderful Island(s)! Maybe someday with Thomas and Mafe!? From Ormoc there is “ferry” (pump boat) to Pilar and Tudela. Mabuhay!

  8. Leo. I studied French for two years and the only thing I learned to say is “à la bibliothèque” which means “at the library.” I figured it would come in handy someday. ha ha

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