Video – The Bamboo Craftsmen in the Philippines

Since I first arrived in the Philippines back in 1983, I’ve always been amazed how so many crafters made their living in wood carving, furniture making, etc. As an apprentice cabinet-maker when I was young, I was exposed and trained to use many power tools and machines to accomplish the job. To this day, many filipino craftsman still use the most basic of all tools, and skillfully craft the most beautiful things, from furniture to art. Actually, I would consider much of the hand-made furniture to be an art-form in itself, because while much of it looks similar, it is truly one of a kind – with its own unique characteristics. No mass productions here!

Check out the video below as My wife and I pay a visit to a local bamboo furniture shop were we placed an order for some custom-made garden trellises. You might even see some “younger” workers which, in some parts of the world, could raise some concerns about using child labor. Here though, working is a cultural thing and is all about contributing to feeding the family. Children also learn the skill and trades early and most times is passed from generation to generation. Kids are simply not afraid to work here.

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