Video – Calbayog City; NW Samar State University

Northwest Samar State University

The class of 2014 has walked the stage and our niece, Geline, happily received her diploma. This video shows the inside of the Calbayog City Sports Arena during the final preparations for Northwest Samar State University Commencement Exercises, held this past April 25th. There were over 1,100 graduates and the crowd was so large, officials were only allowing “one” parent inside the arena with their graduate. Like most other family members of the grads, we were resigned to wait out the commencement in the parking lot. That was a good enough reason for everyone to head to Jollibee’s for cold ice cream sundaes and wait it out there. The ceremony actually took over 6 hours and many people bailed out from inside the Arena because of no air conditioning. We just went home and held our congrats for our niece until later. It’s Just More Fun in the Philippines