Upgrades in Paradise

Life’s a Beach

The "Beachmasters" house! (owner)
The “headmasters”  beach house! (owner)

 Some days I can leave the house, with or without plans, and can usually     count on experiencing something of an unexpected kind. Since retiring and living here in the Philippines, I’ve learned to never expect anything to happen or work out as planned, and I’m okay with that, as long is it all works out. There are some days that can begin totally unplanned and turn out to be more rewarding than something that is planned in advance. Anyway –  last week after seeing an advertisement for a new beach resort (Coral Reef Beach Resort), my nephew and I drove the 14 kilometers north to check it out. I described our resort discovery in more detail in my previous post. Then as we were heading home, we had just got back on the road and travelled less than 2 kilometers when we noticed a narrow dirt and gravel road heading into the jungle and down towards the beach. From the road, an open gate was visible in the distance and beyond the gate I could see a little nipa-like cottage, surrounded by what appeared to be a nice lawn area. Taking the chance that we might be driving up into somebody’s yard, I turned in any way and drove up to the gated entrance. At that point we still could not see much of anything so I proceeded to slowly drive through and across a narrow stream until the small looking yard began to open up. We were immediately approached by a group of 3 or 4 individuals…resident caretakers of the property. Once across the little bridge-like thingy, we were motioned to drive up further and were directed to park. Upon parking near the caretakers shack, we were greeted with cautious smiles…and mostly curiosity. We got out of the car and began asking questions. At this point, we witnessed a huge parcel of land, dotted with different sized cottages, all well spaced from each other and all situated in a park-like setting of what appeared to look like manicured Bentgrass (like that found on a golf course green but after looking at it more closely, it was more likely some hybrid Bermuda variety). Scattered throughout the almost two hectare oceanfront property with the cottages were small and nice and exotic garden plots, tropical foliage and trees. On the far end I could see a new house (owners home) which looked to be traditionally designed and well constructed of wood and was still having some finishing touches administered. Centered among of all the cottages was a large covered grilling and BBQ area and sink/food prep area. On the back side of the lot were newly constructed and nicely tiled comfort rooms. A shower is also available.

My nephew interrogating the caretakers!
My nephew interrogating the caretakers!

Bayog Beach

After a guided tour by the caretaker, he explained that they were almost ready to open for business and also provided us with details about cottage rental rates. The small cottages rented for P200 (all day), the next bigger one was P300 and the large party hut was P500. We also walked over to the beach area which consisted of more rocks and coral than sand, and did not appear to be good for swimming. The owner realizing that this was not a beach good for swimming, had a tide-pool retaining wall constructed where at least the kids could get wet and enjoy themselves during hight tides. It also looks like this tide-pool will be mostly rock free and maybe some sand will be added.

A Place to Play Bocce!

Nicely landscaped
Nicely landscaped areas!

Overall, the site was very esthetically pleasing and would be a great place to go for a quiet and private function like family reunions, wedding receptions, class (batch) get-together, birthday or holiday parties, etc. The name of the place…Bayog Beach!  Located on the north side of barangay Ba-ay, it is about a 26 kilometer trek from downtown Calbayog City. While this is a bring your own supplies recreation area, it offers some great landscaping and scenic ocean views. There is no snack bar or sari-sari store close by like at some other beaches (at this time) so visitors should plan to bring all of their own food and refreshments. There are no overnight facilities (rooms) so I am assuming this beach is a day (and evening) use facility only. Then again, I’m sure if you wanted to bring along a tent, you could maybe spend the night. Or, if you are into Bocce, this would be a great place for an afternoon challenge! But if you come here and plan to get wet and play in the water, well….your best bet is going to be the showers!

Well groomed and very scenic.
Well groomed and very scenic.
P500 Cottage
P500 Party Cottage
P200 Cottage
P300 Cottage
Bayog Beach Comfort Rooms
Tidal Swim Area
Tidal Swim Area



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