U.S. Will Create New Jobs in the Philippines?

Top US Defense Company to Open Mega Factory in Batangas: 60,000 Jobs Expected?

10/22/2014, Tokyo, Japan | The Chinese Government is in panic mode following the announcement by  Admiral James Elroy, Commander of the Pacific Fleet, that a top U.S. Defense Contractor has acquired 50 hectares (123.5 acres) of land somewhere in Southern Luzon, the Philippines. “I want to make clear that the American goal is to give manufacturing jobs to Filipino people and not to arm the country. The facility will be the biggest outside US mainland and will produce 40% of our military equipment parts, electronic warfare, and software technologies. The main assembly remains in Seattle, Washington and our facilities in Norfolk Virginia”, Adm. Elroy explained during the press conference in Yokosuka on board USS George Huffington, Tuesday morning Japan Standard Time. …read the entire article by The Philippine Pride online news source here.

Unfortunately, this is probably a HOAX article. But we can all dream, can’t we?

7 thoughts on “U.S. Will Create New Jobs in the Philippines?

  1. I read the story already, but I clicked on it anyway to see if you (Randy) expressed your opinion on it. You haven’t yet. Of course I’ll be checking back to see the opinions of others too. It could help build up the area and evently build up in our direction, so that and the fact that 60,000 people will get jobs is good in my view.

  2. If that is true (about the 60k jobs, Samar might just become a ghost town again as everybody flocks north. But that’s okay…I like it quiet!

  3. As long as they complete and keep supplying the new Metro Supermarket, it’s okay with me if there are less people are here.

  4. John, the article is a satirical article. I didn’t know if you caught all the subtle mistakes in the post. I thought it was interesting though.

  5. I agree mike this is not true. but kind of funny. by the way keep up the great blogs.

  6. How can a foreign defense contractor acquire land in the Philippines. It must mean a lease. I doubt this story

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