Typhoon Season is Almost Upon Us

Are You Ready?

While the “Typhoon Season” is almost upon us once again (Jun-Nov), take this post as a reminder to think about what needs to be done to be ready for that first storm of the season. Walk around your property (and in many cases your neighbors property), to make a determination as to your level of readiness for this upcoming season. All winter long we tend to put storm safety on the back burner and many get caught scrambling to catch up and prepare when that first threat is already upon us.

I came across this article titled Philippines Affected by More Extreme Tropical Cyclones which I consider interesting since the Western Pacific is my home. The article highlights the Philippines as one of the most frequent targets on planet earth for increasingly stronger storms looking into the future. Please take the time to understand that this information could in fact be accurate and that your safety should always come first.

Be ready, have a plan…and then have a back-up plan. And most importantly, offer to help those less fortunate. And remember, typhoons don’t always stick to mother nature’s calendar… they can happen upon us during any month of the year.

Stay safe this upcoming Typhoon Season!



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