Traveling Through Manila? Looking For a Place to Rest?

Rogers Place Hotel!

If you are traveling through Manila via air and have a connecting flight, there is no other place that offers so many amenities that is more convenient to NAIA than the Salem Complex. Directly across the street from Terminal 4 (0ld domestic airport), the Salem Complex is a security controlled, gated commercial complex that offers everything you need while laying over in Manila.

Because of the great location in relation to all terminals, it is the place my wife and I have come to call home when we are travelling. We usually book our room online at Roger’s Place Hotel located inside the Salem Complex. It is not the fanciest of hotels, but it always suits our needs. A deluxe room runs about P2,950 per night and includes a light breakfast and coffee (or juice) next door at the Yang Chow restaurant offering a combination of Chinese/Filipino dishes. The rooms are clean and comfortable, air conditioned, and offer double or full size beds (some queens are available). With Cable TV, WiFi, and hot water shower, there is not much more anyone needs if all they need is to rest their head between flights.  Need to purchase a cheap cell phone or just buy a load? They have it in the lobby. Are you 60 or older? Ask about the senior citizen discount rate! They will also provide you with free transportation to your destination terminal at any hour of the day or night.

But it is not the hotel that is the main draw for us – it is the complex itself. Because everything anyone could possibly need is contained inside this quaint compound, it is so easy to accomplish everything you need to do while you are travelling or while waiting to return to your terminal. And it’s all within a short walk around the compound. Whether it be exchanging money or using an ATM (Metro Bank, BDO), there is also a Western Union for your currency needs. There is a travel agency, beauty salon/barber shop, Quick Stop convenience store, massage therapy, restobars and more. Need something to eat?  You can choose from several local eateries or chains like Bo’s Coffee, Mang Inasal, Jollibee’s or Shakey’s. There is food available to suit just about everyone’s taste from Chinese food to Angus Burgers to Sushi.

Another hotel located in the Complex is the Budget Hotel which offers short stays as well as overnights. The rooms are not quite as large as Roger’s place, but if all you want to do is sleep, it fits the bill. There is no place that I know of that compares to a place where you can rest, get a haircut, a massage, a cold beer or a pizza and still have time to take a nap between flights.

There is local taxi service available or GRAB if you use that service. If your looking for convenience and safety, and a place to stay at a reasonable price, look no further than the Salem Complex in Pasay.  Check out my latest video for a little tour of the Salem Complex.  And if you have already stayed here, let us know with your review of the place. Salamat!

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