A Trip to Veriato Falls, Northern Samar

Veriato Falls

Recently my wife and I accompanied some friends, Thomas and Maria, on a day filled outing with our motorcycles which took us northward along the coast of Western Samar, into Northern Samar. We stopped along the way several times for some photo taking and to stretch our legs and we eventually ended up at Veriato Falls, where we relaxed and took a nice dip in the cool (very cool) waters of the waterfall pool. The waters that cascade here originate from many kilometers away up in the mountains of Northern Samar, and are still quite cool when they reach this point and shortly before it makes its way to the ocean, just about a kilometer from where we were.

Picture Stop, W. Samar

Barangay Batien

After a much refreshing dip, and after drying off, we  rode off headed back towards Calbayog and again stopping several times to relax and take some more  photos (ladies can be camera hams, ya know?).  On the way back through the Barangay named Bantien, we decided to stop in and pay a visit to another American expat friend, Peter and his family. As we wound our way through the tightly woven back streets of the barangay, we found ourselves the center of all attention…we were the “main event” of all that was happening in the village. Children from everywhere began showing up as we narrowly motored our bikes through the sidewalk sized streets looking for Peter’s house. We were gazed upon by all the children as if we were rock stars or living legends of a sort. Of course we were… we were “the white foreigners!” (Check out the video of all the curious and happy children we encountered at the end of this article.)

Tom and Maria at Veriato Falls


Nice Scenery!

Living here is a trip because whenever you need to locate someone you know, you just head to the village where they live and just begin asking people to show you the way. Folks are always more than happy to oblige and there is never a shortage of self-appointed tour guides. Funny thing in this instance, there happened to be two foreigners named “Peter”  living in this same barangay (figure the odds), and yes we were able to locate both of them. Even the one we didn’t know!  We didn’t personally drop in on other “Peter” as he surely wasn’t expecting a visit from strangers. A short visit with Peter #1 and his family ensued and we got the privilege of meeting Peter’s newborn baby girl. After my wife was given some plant cuttings as a gift from Peter’s mother-in-law, we were off and on the road again. We all stopped in at our house in barangay Tomaligues on the way back to Calbayog City and hosted a round of refreshments with our guests. After a couple of cold ones and our riding guests headed for home. All in all it was a fun-filled and pleasant ride. I just wish we could have brought that waterfall back home with us.

Watch the video of the children of Barangay Bantien, Samar. Some shy and some not so shy!


5 thoughts on “A Trip to Veriato Falls, Northern Samar

  1. Nice ride with the nice company! Thanks for sharing!

  2. nice ride,looks like you guys had a great time.my wife and I took our bike on the road to catarman.back then the road was in better shape than the one to Allen,by the way Randy what shape is the road to Allen in.we are renting a car in Angeles and driving to Samar,we really enjoy the ride.good post

  3. Wow! Thanks for the post of our trip up the W Samar coast here at Retired in Samar. It sure was fun going up to Veriato Falls and stopping along the way to see the scenery and people with you and teri. Stopping at Peter’s place was so fun. I will always remember that all those kids enjoyed seeing us as much as we enjoyed seeing them…. and It was really nice to see where Peter lives in Bantien. Anyway….hope we can do some more adventures when I get back…. mabuhay!

  4. The road to Allen is good, except for a couple of isolated stretches. Overall, it is a nice ride heading to Calbayog. Be safe!

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