Sunset in Samar

Another Samar Sunset! Many times I will receive requests for information on what there is to do in the Philippines during retirement. The simple response is – “Anything you want to do.” Without having any knowledge of anyone’s particular interests, I usually have to remind them that life here can be varied, depending on your […] Read More

Rumor Has It! Tsismis

A Little Chizmiz Goes a Long Way in Samar Recently we acquired the lot that adjoins our lot on the ocean side. All week we have been staging materials and fabricating the rebar that will support all our concrete pours and columns. Today we actually began construction on the lot because now the tide cycles […] Read More

Our First Fiesta!

Fiesta at Home. While it’s not exactly our first go-round with attending a fiesta, it is the first time we have participated as a host. Since we are now residents of the Barangay, this is the “first” time we got to experience the fiesta from the inside…the giving side. The annual Tomaligues fiesta is billed […] Read More