SuperCat and a Sourpuss!

Yesterday, I scoured through some old video files (years ago, video footage would have been the correct terminology) and found enough frames (footage) to put together a short video about travelling from Cebu City to Tagbilaran, Bohol by way of a SuperCat Ferry. The SuperCat (previously owned by the Fast Ferry Corporation and simply known as SuperCat), is a shipping company that operates a fleet of high-speed catamarans in the Philippines. It is now part of 2GO Travel, a subsidiary brand of the 2GO Group. They operate approximately 7 twin-hulled fast ferry catamarans which cruise at average speeds of 24 knots. They are equipped with advanced safety and navigational equipment and offer business class, tourist class and open air accommodations, with a mini bar to delight cravings of the passengers while onboard (that would be people like me!).

SuperCat Crewmember
SuperCat Crewmember

So I put together a short 2+ minute video for my YouTube Channel, and I had a little fun with it. Because there was a passenger sitting directly behind me who was giving me the evil look like “Are you taking my picture” and with only a quick glance at him, you would think he had that Mayor Duterte look, I created the title of the video: Me and Duterte? … on a SuperCat in the Philippines.  (Go ahead watch it, I’ll wait.)  Like I said, I had a little fun making it.

So anyway, this morning I wake up to check my messages and I find a fb response that screamed “HOAX!” Initially I responded to him asking him what he meant by that remark and he returned a reply that said that I “failed in my futile attempt at a video.” Hmmm. After shooting him back with a simple un-pleasantry, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and took down all the remarks. I’m not sure why this troubled young Russian living in Cebu City felt he had to attack me. I always heard that Russia is a pretty funny place and the people there have a good sense of humor. Maybe he was kicked off a SuperCat boat for having a bad attitude? Maybe he is just an unhappy Russian dissident with no sense of humor living in the Philippines who cannot find good quality Vodka at a cheap price?

Whatever his reason for being so rude, the video shouldn’t be offensive to anyone (except Mayor Duterte who might not appreciate the comparison in looks – Duterte is by far more more gwapo than this guy). I only produced this video with the intent to show folks a little bit about SuperCat Ferry travels. No harm, no foul is the way I look at it. I should be excited though… he is my first [Russian] video troll by the way!

SuperCat origins/destinations include: Batangas, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Ormoc, and Tagbilaran. Check on their website for fares.

And if SuperCat doesn’t fit your travel plans, you can always check into other fast ferry shipping companies like OceanJet & Weesam.


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4 thoughts on “SuperCat and a Sourpuss!

  1. When Janie and I visited we stayed a week in Lapu Lapu and a week in Tagbilaran. We used Supercat to get back and forth. They play a movie on the flat screen. They load and unload your luggage. It is very much like travelling by plain, just not as comfortable.

  2. Greg, throw in some air turbulance and you would never know the difference, right? It’s the only way to island hop!

  3. I enjoyed your video. My wife and I have a home in Baybay Leyte and when there we always take the SuperCat from Ormoc to Cebu. Like you I think it’s the way “to go’ It takes about two hours and is usually a very enjoyable trip I find they don’t have very many choices from the bar but I have eaten some of their sandwiches and I can never resist Nova chips. They do show some pretty good movies. We have also Taken the ocean Jet which is very similar. Anyway thanks for the good video.

  4. I agree, the bar choices are limited and like you, the Nova chips are great. Thanks for watching and hope you can subcribe to my channel to get my latest videos.

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