Sunset in Samar

Another Samar Sunset!

Many times I will receive requests for information on what there is to do in the Philippines during retirement. The simple response is – “Anything you want to do.” Without having any knowledge of anyone’s particular interests, I usually have to remind them that life here can be varied, depending on your lifestyle. If you like to fish or snorkel, you will be in paradise. You like diving or swimming with whalesharkes?…paradise again. Whether it be zip lines, ocean adventure parks, hiking, kayaking, historical sites, boating, surfing, beach combing, spelunking, white water rafting, swimming, biking, old spanish churches, or even climbing volcanoes, there is something for just about everyone. On any given day though, relaxation is always at the top of my agenda, so I take it slow and if somebody suggests an adventure to me, and if I’m in the mood, then it’s game on! (as long as it is not scaling rocks).

Beach Combing at Home!

The shores of Tomaligues
The shores of Tomaligues


Everybody that looks to come to the Philippines for their retirement, and especially those who have active-life needs, like diving or surfing, must do some research. While there is an abundance of activities to keep anybody busy here, amenities and activities are about as diverse as the geography.  Not all areas are known for snorkeling and diving. Knowing what it is that you like to do, and where you should settle, should be carefully planned to ensure you don’t get trapped within the clutches of boredom. If you like the ocean and all that it entails, then don’t plan a move to Baguio or Manila. If you like the comforts of city life, stick to the larger metropolitan areas like Manila, Cebu City or Davao. Want to live the simple life and grow your own (whatever), look to the provincial areas. If you want to just write a novel, it doesn’t matter where you settle…as long as it is quiet! No one place here in the Philippines will satisfy all appetites. So, in summary, know what you want to do in your retirement, BEFORE you retire, and learn about where you should settle to accomplish your goals.

A Sunset Becons Us

Another Tomaligues Sunset
Another Tomaligues Sunset

For us here in Samar, our little coastal village (Tomaligues) offers us both seclusion and serenity. While it is off the beaten path, if we need the city, it is just a short 12 kilometer drive east. If we want serenity, we take the 50 meter walk down to the beach. This day though, the evening sun, the cloud arrangement, and the low tide all worked together in unison and coaxed us down for an evening stroll across the sands of Tomaligues…to see what we could find. We collected some rocks, coral, and shells for the garden. Tomorrow will be another day, and I’m sure will provide us with some more simple life-enjoyment options. And maybe if someone tells me to “go fly a kite,” I might just do it!  Then again, maybe not!  At a minimum, there will always be a cold beer to be had!

Sands of Tomaligues

Watch my presentation “Sands of Tomaligues” and maybe you can understand the importance of researching and discovering your own paradise among the islands. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “Sunset in Samar

  1. Randy, did I miss it, I watched the video several times to make sure, where’s the ice cooler of San Miguel? Just joking, we can’t spend our entire retirement drinking.

    Between, you, UJ, and Ned, We (my wife and I) get to keep up with what’s going on, so when we do make our move, we will be ready.

    Yup, you’ve got that retired life mastered.

  2. You are right Richie, there is more to the enjoyment of life here than drinking. If that is all us retirees did, there would be a shortage of San Miguel products! lol

  3. we know it’s the province for us. Hell we live in a one horse town her in the states. a move to the province will almost be a step up. LOL>>>>

  4. As I sit here in Florida awaiting another sea tour, I dream upon returning home asap while watching your video. The longer I’m here the more I miss the Philippines. You hit the nail on the head, “Paradise”! We’re off to the Province too, asap for that retirement. Aloha! (nice video too!)

  5. Your list of things to do is endless. We will always select a place to visit in the area.

    Miss the island of Sto. Nino.

    Relaxing is number one watching the kids, boats, etc.

  6. We liked the city when we were younger, but these days (especially here in the Philippines) the quiet life is more preferable.

  7. Well, I don’t exactly do all those things…but could if I wanted to! I like watching the fishermen and their boats and kids a lot these days.

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