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A Plug for the Social Media That Pays!

Have you ever wished you could earn money for all that time you spend on social media online? What if Facebook had paid you for all of your posting contributions and all those likes and shares since the day you joined? If you have been with fb for any length of time, your earnings could have amounted to something substantial. Sorry, you lose!

If I told you that current technology provides you with the opportunity to accomplish just what I described above, would that interest you? I’m talking about a “Next Generation Social Network” which empowers users with a reward based social media APP that lets its users monetize their creativity and time spent on social media.  As a prospective expat or current retired expat living in the Philippines, you probably spend a lot of time on the internet and on various social media sites. For many expats who have already settled in the Philippines, they have already discovered there is not really much else to do besides interacting with friends, family, and other expats. If this is not you, you can disregard the rest of this post. But, if you are interested in earning money with all that time you spend on social media, then keep reading. I will show you how you can build wealth using social media online rather than making one guy in particular even richer than he is already.

Getting Paid to Post on Steemit!

For almost a year now, I have been sharing my blogging time between this blog and Steemit.com, a social media site that rewards users a blockshain based cryptocurrency. Steemit rewards it’s creators with rewards for content produced, and all the interactions that go along with producing, reading, sharing, and liking new content. Steemit rewards come in the form of STEEM, a popular cryptocurrency that can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency (real money) on the open market. I must admit though that for anyone who has never been exposed to or has not had the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin!), it requires getting to know something about cryptocurrencies. This is why Steemit has been called “The Gateway Crypto” because it allows users to learn as they go. Other cryptos can consume much effort reading and learning how things work. The good part about everything Bitcoin and crypto is that there is a vast amount of information available online and in video format on YouTube or Dtube that can get you through it all. But that’s not what I want to suffocate you with.

When I first joined Steemit, like many noobs before me, it became crunch time. If I wanted to make better money at blogging, I had to take a no holes barred approach to leaning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which involved many late nights researching and reading. Much of it was difficult to comprehend at first and required attacking all the available information from every conceivable angle in order to gain the knowledge. Looking back, it really didn’t take that much time. In just a couple of weeks, I was off and comfortably navigating on Steemit.com. After some time on the Steemit platform, one of the first things I learned from a majority of Steemit users was the common complaint about the user interface. It is nothing like the social media sites that new users were used to. As a blogging platform it is less than perfect, but it is still evolving and can potentially reward its users well for posting good content. I have earned as much as $108.00 for a single post! As a social media platform though, it just plain sucks.

Enter SteemThat (Stish-it!)

About six months prior to this post, I happened across a new social media site called SteemThat (currently being re-branded as Stishit). Understand that by this time, an entire STEEM ecosystem had evolved that allowed independent developers and entrepreneurs to build different apps and services by directly accessing the STEEM blockchain. A simple analogy would be like having an iPhone (as the platform) with hundreds of apps developed to work on and with that platform. Think of the Steem blockchain as the [iPhone] platform and SteemThat as just one of many apps that have been designed to work on top of that particular operating system,much like Busy.org. The unique thing about SteemThat is that with a little more concerted development, it is prepared to quickly rival any other paying social media platform available like Appics. But will it be better? For one, it does not rely on advertising-based revenue-sharing for the user’s income like Xomba or SheToldMe through an AdSense account. It is nothing like Bitlanders where you can earn single use “credits” that can be converted to cash, nor like other less popular sites like MyPage5.com, Redgage, or Xenzuu (a type of MLM structured site), and yet another, Sidetick.com which I understand no longer pays and has become more of a TV and streaming website. Most of these sites are novelty sites and have not grown to any significant size. None of them are blockchain-based and decentralized like Steemit and SteemThat.

But now that SteemThat has actually grown up, the site has launched it’s own crypto currency called STISH and is re-branding itself as Stishit. It combines all the social features of facebook and the blogging features of Steemit into one platform. While Steemit generates rewards and pays its members with the cryptocurrency Steem, sites like SteemThat (Stishit) and Appics have launched their own cryptocurrencies which can be easily traded for Steem or other popular cryptocurrencies on the open market. Cryptocurrencies are considered to be an increasingly popular speculative investment, much like emerging penny stocks of the past.


Things to keep in mind are this: While Steemit has been around for a couple of years now, surpassing 1 million users worldwide and experiencing phenomenal exponential growth,  Stishit is still in its infancy and already is gaining strong acceptance. It is still operating in “Beta” which means the stage in a software’s development when the developer believes the software to be complete but real-world testing is still required to iron out any bugs or user issues. It won’t be very long before it gains mass acceptance and joins the other popular more common social network names.

So, this is where Stishit is at and this is what I want to share with everone. I have been given the opportunity as an early adopter to assist in the development of the site’s initial design features, working with the site’s developers in creating a better experience. I have also been one of the first users to launch specific groups on Stishit, targeting Worldwide Expats and Expats in the Philippines. Because the site has been in beta, I have not promoted these groups anywhere yet.

I invite all my subscribers and readers to check out the latest social media site that rewards its users…  Stishit. Join in on the learning, camaraderie, and growth… stay around for the rewards!

As with any new social media site, there is always a learning curve with growing pains. Stishit will be no different except for what the future holds ($$$). One thing is for certain… stay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and you will make nothing!

Hope to see you joining one of our Stishit expat groups soon and begin earning those rewards!


If anyone has questions about this emerging technology, please feel free to ask your questions below or via email using the Contact Us link on this site.


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  1. After I authored this post, I realized how many young adults and kids these days walk around blindly with their faces glued to their smartphone screens. I think it will only get worse once they figure out there is money to be made with social media!

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