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LBC DeliversTired of Hearing “Out of Stock!”

Did you know you can shop at U.S. online stores and have the product delivered right to your door. In the past, shipping products internationally could be complicated and problematic, but now LBC Shipping Cart is the solution.

Now you can use a third-party shipping service like Shipping Cart to ship your shopping items from the U.S. to the Philippines and it will help you save both time and money. When you register with Shipping Cart they will provide you with a virtual U.S. shipping address which allows you to manage your orders from online shopping venues and have them ship directly to your Philippine home address safely. This process also helps prevent the Philippines Bureau of Customs from holding your items and levying extra taxes. Shipping Cart will automatically apply any import taxes (if any) that could be due on items and will add that charge to the shipping costs, which alleviates the Philippines Customs process.

Four Easy Steps

1. Create an LBC Shipping Cart account

Visit and register.  Once your account is created, you will be provided with a Virtual US address – this is the shipping address that you will use when shopping at Amazon, ebay, or any other online shopping venue. Once registered, your address can be easily found on the left side of their website. (See screenshot below)

LBC Virtual US Address Photo
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2. Start your Shopping!

Head over to and select and add items to your shopping cart. During checkout, the shipping address you must enter should be the Virtual US address provided by Shipping Cart. Here’s a screenshot from Amazon’s website:

Order from Amazon to Philippines Photo
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Make sure to enter all the information correctly then complete the Checkout process.
Now all you have to do is wait until your orders are delivered to your US virtual address.

3. Confirming the Shipment

Once your purchased items arrive at your U.S. Virtual Address, LBC will immediately notify you via email once your orders are received. You must log in to Shipping Cart’s website ( to confirm the shipment going to Philippines. If you don’t see all your stored items, you may need to wait a few more days to consolidate your shipment. It might take a day or two after receipt to be displayed on their site, so just be patient. You’ll see the details under the My Storage tab. Here’s a screenshot:

Confirm Shipment Photo
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In the above example, you will see the there is already a price estimation.The 3 items listed only cost 1,155 Pesos
to ship to the Philippines. LBC also allows you to choose to ship via either Sea Cargo or Air Cargo (Sea Cargo is for
heavy or bulky items). They also give you the opportunity to insure your freight for free up to $100.
After selecting your preferred options, all you need to do is click the button that says, "Ship It."

4. Pay the Shipment

After confirming your shipment, you’ll be ready to select your payment method and shipping address. For payment, you can select Cash (paid through an LBC Branch), Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal. For shipping address, just enter your Philippine home address or wherever you want the package to be delivered. Once you have chosen your preferred options, just hit the button that says, “Pay & Ship.”  (see screenshot below)

Pay Shipment Photo
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That’s It!

 Shipping Cart Completed Photo

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You are done! Now you just have to wait for the package to arrive at your doorstep. LBC will notify you of any shipping status change or update via their website and email – which is convenient.  Some people who use this service claim to recieve their packages on average, in about 20 days. Not bad for shipping from the U.S.  It sure beats waiting for a Balikbayan box!

LBC Shipping Cart
LBC Shipping Cart

     If any readers have used LBC’s Shipping Cart, please let us know about your experiences with using this service.

     Thanks for reading and visiting Retired in Samar!


15 thoughts on “Shop and Ship Direct to the Philippines

  1. I’ve heard of some guys buying dry goods and spices and such and having it shipped. I might try buying some Fennel seed and other spices for sausage making.

  2. sounds like this could be a good deal my only concern would be the cost.

  3. Sounds cool. Do you need to be American or have a US address?
    Thank you

  4. Steve, I believe all you need is to have a method of payment. The system was designed for those persons living in the Philippines.

  5. My suggestion would be to start small, say with a book or small items, to get a feel for the shipping costs. Then you can ship your trampoline later, he he.

  6. Amazon sells a huge assortment of non-perishable food items. “Omaha Steaks” in a cooler on dry ice? Hmmm maybe not …

  7. Yes they do Dave, hundreds of pages of stuff. But it is all way overpriced. Like for example: a 9oz can of Fritos Jalapeno Cheese dip for $5.23 per can when I can purchase the same thing already imported for about $3.00 per can in Tacloban at Robinsons. Statside price on this item is normally around $2 bucks.

  8. How about the custom duties and taxes? Does anyone that have tried this give us any information on custom duties and taxes.

    Thank you.


  9. Please read the article and visit their website…where Customs duties and taxes are included in the shipping costs.

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