Samar’s First New Car Dealership, Calbayog City – Soon!

Recently it was announced by officials at Calbayog City that Toyota is locating a new car dealership here in Calbayog. The location is just east of the city at the junction of Magsaysay Extended at the Maharlika Highway. Maybe this will encourage other dealers, like Mitsubishi, to also come this way (so we don’t need to go all the way to Tacloban for service).

Last April 16 is officially when construction began for Toyota’s newest dealership in Samar, a branch of Toyota Tacloban. It looks like Calbayog City is officially becoming a boom town now. With a new major grocery chain that just opened (Super Metro), a large Gaisano Grand mall under construction, a Zipline, and now a new car dealer, it looks like the Samar Department of Tourism might have to revise their current tagline “Discover Samar, Before Others Do,” as it has obviously worked out well.

Now, if only somebody would build a bowling alley and a golf course, this would be paradise! All this along with the news of Citi Hardware… did I say news? (You will just have to subscribe and stay tuned in!) And I will say this… they can’t build it all fast enough as I’m not getting any younger!

6 thoughts on “Samar’s First New Car Dealership, Calbayog City – Soon!

  1. Randy,
    Under warranty conditions, your Mitsi can be serviced by Toyota and the warranty will still be valid.
    The service book will advise they want said service carried out by a Licenced Shop and Technician.

  2. Yes, but then I would need to pay shop charges. At the Mitsubishi dealer, I only pay for parts and oil as long it is scheduled service. Still might be cheaper than driving round trip to Tacloban. But then, I would also miss out on some shopping, like at Citi Hardware!

  3. They also need to work on upgrading their Health Care also. Maybe then I can talk the wife into staying longer. When there for 3 months she thought she had Blood Clog in her Leg. Took her to local Doctor and they said they did not have Equipment to check her. Gave her some pills and told her to go to Manila. This is why she will not stay longer then month now.

  4. The Sanitarium Hospital just completed construction on a new Emergency Room George! I visited a while back and they moved all the old equimpment to the new room! he he

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