Photos From Around Samar

6 thoughts on “Photos From Around Samar

  1. Hi – Great website. I’ll be visiting Samar this summer (July and August) for about six weeks, staying with some friends in Barangay Calampong in the province of Pinabacdao. Can’t wait to discover the beautiful island of Samar “before others do.”

  2. Thanks for visiting my site James. I hope you enjoy your visit as I know I did last year. It will be soon that we will finally arrive for good, hopefully before August. Once settled, I hope to provide more “boots on the ground” information about Samar. Keep in touch and please share with our readers about your trip. Have fun!

  3. Live in San Isidro and appreciate the fotos to show people what a wonderful place Samar is.

  4. Sir. Please contact me! I have many questions and am I combat vet with the US Marine Corps. Your story inspired me and I love the pgilipines. I would like to see more if it.

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