Rumor Has It! Tsismis

Construction in Tomaligues
Construction in Tomaligues

A Little Chizmiz Goes a Long Way in Samar

Recently we acquired the lot that adjoins our lot on the ocean side. All week we have been staging materials and fabricating the rebar that will support all our concrete pours and columns. Today we actually began construction on the lot because now the tide cycles are in our favor. Because we are building a “sea wall” in essence, so we can fill in and bring the lot up to grade, the workers can only work during the low tide cycle which lasts about 6 hours without any water present. As the tide receded today, the workers were able to dig the first of 7 footings for the retaining wall. The 1 meter square hole was excavated to about 80cm (depth) and we got to place our first column support in the concrete base. The lot is approximately 10 x 10 meters (give or take) and we will basically expand our outdoor living area into a multi-use area. I will finally get my small shop built for all my tools.

Materials are staged
Concrete and Sand is Here

As the work day was just about over, a group of 4 young teenage girls wandered by and as their curiosity got the best of them, they just had to ask what we were building. So I told them! … a New Village Swimming Pool… AND, it would open in one month! And when they gave me that little snide look of mistrust, I just showed them a bag of Sahara Water proofing compound that would help keep the pool from leaking. That was all the convincing they needed and the excitement just boiled over. They were still cackling like a bunch of hens as they rounded the corner at the end of the street. I think they were discussing what they were going to wear when the new pool opened. I didn’t give it much thought at first but now I know…I just lost all my credibility as a “serious person.” Tsismis in the Philippines (more commonly coined or referred to as “chismiz”) is simply gossip. And today I got the chismiz mill churning!  And just maybe, if my believability wanes a little, I can reinvigorate the chizmiz with the boys and tell them all about the “Water Slide” feature.

       Oh I’m such a bad boy!


High Tide…no work!








Rebar and Coco Lumber
Rebar and Coco Lumber
Rebar Footing Supports


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  1. Randy, I saw your house for sale in Mitula, is it true?

  2. that’s funny those girls will probally be back tomorrow with somemore of there friends to show them where the pool is being built.

  3. Funny you should mention that. Several youngsters came by yesterday evening to ponder as to what was happening. Looks like I might have to quell that rumor. All in good fun!

  4. Yes it is. Everything is for sale…he he. If we sell, we will build another, this time with room for an outdoor racquetball court! 😉

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