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Not many things better than a cold beer on a deserted beach after a long day of blogging!

Good News!

It has been a while since this site’s Contact Page has been working correctly. It seems that when I installed an update to that page a long time ago, it came with a “bug” and has not worked since. Today I was determined to get it fixed and like the heading on this page suggests, my efforts were successful. Sometimes I amaze myself what I can accomplish with technical issues I know very little about. Perseverance is key!

Now my readers can easily contact me through this site instead of using other more cumbersome  methods, or in many cases, not contacting me at all! I do enjoy feedback and hearing from my readers.

Also, some readers have complained about the “commenting” being turned off on blog posts. I have explained previously that the reason I turned commenting off was due to the large amount of spam the site was receiving on a daily basis. While I have spent additional money to protect the Retired in Samar site itself from spam attacks (for the most part), it is almost impossible to prevent spam and ‘troll’ comments at the end of a post. But because of popular demand, I have also updated the software and turned commenting back on… at least until such time when or if the abuse comes back. I hope not. I know blog readers enjoy the conversation, interactions, and asking questions.

Support Needed!

Not to long ago, I mentioned the possibility of ending this blog due to the expense involved in maintaining the site, hosting, and software and computer protection. For a long time this site was self-sufficient, making enough to cover expenses with a little left over to fund a cold refreshment for my efforts – okay… a couple of cold beers now and then!  Recently though, hosting and other costs have increased to the point where it is no longer profitable. Some of you might have noticed that I am spending more time blogging on the Steemit platform because it more like a social media platform that pays all it’s participants. Recently, I have justified subsidizing the cost of operating this blog with the money I earn on Steemit. But one can only rob Peter to pay Paul for so long before Peter runs out of funds. (Recent technical issues with the PayPal link have also been fixed)

(Use link in right sidebar)

I began publishing to Retired in Samar in 2012 and would really enjoy keeping this blog going but it looks like I’m gonna need some support going forward. I hate to “pimp” the blog out to pay expenses but that is what it has come down to… publishing articles that include advertising to help defray costs. So I am asking for some help from my readership.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have already donated over the last couple years, helping me to keep the blog alive. I remember when this blog was hacked in 2016 and all was lost, I came very close to shutting it down out of frustration. If it hadn’t been for a few donors, I would have never recovered the site and all the data.  All I ask for going forward is the continued support of my readers, either through their small contributions (secure donations through PayPal link provided at the top right) or through their readership and sharing. It doesn’t take much but it does make a huge difference in keeping this site going.

If you would like to donate using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, please contact me for my wallet addresses. I accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Steem.

Thanks in advance!

Next up: What’s been keeping me going lately?


…. Hangin’ at the Beach!


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