Retired in Samar – Receives Best Expat Blog 2017!

Relocating to another country is tough. There is not a better way to get the nitty-gritty of expatriation than reading other people’s experiences. That is what I do. I Blog. And through my blogging efforts, I have been selected as having the “Best Philippines Expat Blog – 2017” by the company MTC.  I am honored to have garnered yet another award as an expat blogger. Through MTC’s extensive research, they have concluded and identified a blog for each destination that is believed to be the most informative for expats relocating to that area.

What exactly did I win this time? Well, let’s just say a piece of paper to occupy a void on my wall and a boost to my ego is payment enough!

There are several blog ranking sources the world over and the accolade I just received is pale in comparison to some other awards. But hey, I look at it like it’s an honorable mention. Some other blog badges I’ve earned through another blog rank site include:




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