Retired in Samar MIA – From YouTube

Gone But Not Forgotten!

It seems like it has been forever. And with the reminders I get almost daily from my viewers, it has been way too long. March 10th (last Spring) was the last time I posted a video. At that time, I was working on a series of videos documenting our house expansion titled “Expanding Our Paradise,” and everything was going fine until I moved all my video files to a new hard drive. I needed to free up some memory on my desktop machine but something happened during the file transfer and ALL my video clips were gone! 

Short of going into the panic mode (okay, I panicked a little), I did some searching online and found a “files recovery software” product that, for a price, claimed to be able to recover lost files. I suspected what had happened was that the new directory header became corrupted, making the entire file invisible. So I had a feeling the files were still there, just not accessible.

It’s Always About the Money.

So I spent the $59 for the software, downloaded and installed it, then put it into action. I seemed like it took hours but in the end, I had my files back. Well, some of them anyway. Some of the video files became corrupted in the recovery process, and although I could see them, they would not function no matter what program I used. So every file that had been corrupted in some way was not recoverable, so I lost much of my most recent footage.

But that was not the end-all to my YouTube production. About this same time, it had been decided that we would re-locate to Guam (I’ve got Something To Tell You) so I set all video production aside until I reached the “alternative paradise.” Once on Guam, I immediately realized that the laptop that I brought with me did not have the video editing software I needed. I could have used a free downloadable program (or Windows Movie Maker) I suppose, but it would be like starting from scratch without all the music and sound effects I collected, and without all the special effects files and thumbnails that I had already created. So I did what every disgruntled video maker would do… I went diving! After all, I was in diving paradise.


Ready, Set… Go!

I had come so far with my YouTube channel and was producing about 4-6 videos per month and I had so much more video to work-up until I hit this brick wall doing about 100kph. After a couple of months on island, I finally decided to contact my video editing software provider to recover my firmware. For a small fee, I could download the firmware again onto my laptop, but first I needed to recover my purchase key to access the stored files, and that key was in the filing cabinet back home in the Philippines. Aarghhh! After some long-distance trials and tribulations, my wife finally located the key and I was back in business again. Almost.

So I downloaded the Firmware again, re-installed it with my “key” and immediately noticed that I was sent an upgraded version. Aarghhh again! This is not what I was used to. They changed everything. It was like learning how to use the software all over again. It didn’t help that it had been 5 months since I last used it and I forgot my very own methods and shortcuts. At my age, if I don’t do something for two weeks, you might as well say I need re-training! I surprise myself that I even remember how to operate the TV remote most days.

Once I began playing around with the editing software, someone dropped another brick on my head. The laptop I decided to bring with me (HP Pavilion g series) just couldn’t process the application. In other words, the factory installed graphics card was not efficiently handling the video processing and the computer’s processors were overheating. I would need to work on this video in segments in order not to burn up the processors. And the laptop was definitely heating up!

It took me three days to construct the short 5 minute video (below) one clip at a time, but I finally got it done. One other problem I also experienced is processing of sound tracks on top of video – there would not be a lot of splicing of sounds and managing audio files. The processors would simply not handle it and audio is coming out scrambled and with echos and overdubs. At this point, my YouTube production capability might be a little lethargic until I can get a new computer with better graphics capabilities. It is times like this when I wish I would have set up a Patreon account (for donations) to help me support this channel. (If you would like to donate, let me know – I accept Bitcoin!)

Too Many Deterrents!

If all of the above sounds like a train wreck, not only did the train derail, it went over the bridge! Then on top of all that, I decided to jump into the “cryptocurrency” rabbit hole. I was down there for weeks on end, which was like putting my YouTube motivation in the freezer. A part of me is still downthere, but I’m mostly back and have a boatload of recent videos to sort through and begin cataloging for assembly. Now I just have to find some new time between diving, cryptos, fiestas, swimming, cryptos, racquetball, more fiestas, cryptos, relaxing…. you probably get the message.


So check out the last video in my “Expanding Paradise” series below. Sorry for the brevity of it all but like I mentioned, I lost a few clips that I wish I could have used. I might just be encouraged do a storyboard (pictorial) later on. (please ignore the “nail spa and grooming for men” caption on the thumbnail!)