Rainy Days and Mondays in the Philippines

I remember growing up, rainy days and Monday’s would always get me down – so much so that Paul Williams wrote a song that the Carpenters performed and it went to No. 2 on the Billboard hot 100 chart and became their 4th No. 1 song on the Adult Contemporary singles chart.  It eventually went on to be certified Gold.

Well okay, you all probably have a good idea that it was not me that inspired the song, but none the same, it fit the bill anyway.

These days, I look forward to Mondays more than any other day of the week. Why? Well, the kids are all back in school, people are back into their routines, stores are all open and everybody has returned to work. In reality that means that the village streets have become somewhat quaint filled with a certain quietness (if that is even a word). With the children all in school, the streets are void of kids and their games. No basketballs. Even the stray dogs seem to be resting. It also means that the karaoke machines have been silenced once again. Mondays are a return to sanity in my book and are a rather peaceful day here where we live (probably not so much in the city).

A quick stop along the highway for a photo and we were off again.

Mondays are also a good time to venture out, like to the beach, as the beaches will be mostly empty, especially in the early part of the day. So this morning, the Mrs. and me packed our igloo picnic bag, loaded up the bike and headed to a quiet spot where it would only be the two of us. Just a short drive about 12 clicks up the road from where we live is a place called Bayog Beach. Bayog Beach is a private beachfront which has been groomed into a picnic area of sorts with cottages, an outdoor cooking area, comfort rooms, shower, and plenty of nice grass to spread out a blanket. It’s a great place for private functions like birthday parties, reunions, receptions, etc. It is just a day use facility and if you really want to spend the night, you had better bring a tent.

Just the two of us~
Just the two of us~

So off we went to have a mid morning picnic by ourselves…along with a few resident dogs. When we first arrived, we observed a couple of fishermen delivering their catch. The nets were cleaned, the fish was weighed and sold on the spot, and then they were gone. It doesn’t get any more peaceful than this and is a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy some quiet conversation…and munch on some leftover BBQ’d ribs for brunch!

Fishermen working with their catch
Fishermen working with their catch
Let's Eat!
Let’s Eat!

We are already planning a return this next weekend with some family members and our Bocce balls for some good fun in the sun. Only this time we will bring some cold refreshments!

Bayog Beach
Next visit, we bring the Bocce balls!

After finishing our little brunch of BBQ’d ribs, rice, fruit, and cookies, we packed up and checked out another resort just down the road. Then we headed for home. And when we got home, we had plenty of time to prepare a late lunch. As I mentioned earlier, Mondays don’t matter to me anymore, and maybe somebody someday will write a song about that. And that “schedule” thing…we really have none, nor is there such a thing as regular meal times. Around our place, when you are hungry, you eat.  Oh this life in the tropics is rough!

13 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays in the Philippines

  1. I know what you are saying Randy old man. I used to be always in a hurry for the Friday and then always on a late Sunday afternoon, starting to feel the onset of the “Monday blues”. I still enjoy the bustle of a fun weekend but now on a Sunday afternoon and evening, I find myself looking forward to the peace and pace of another beautiful Monday out of the “rat race”.

  2. hold on a minute:
    Monday means time to rest
    Tuesday means time to rest
    Wednesday means time to rest
    Thursday means time to rest
    Friday means time to rest
    Saturday means time to rest
    Sunday means time to rest

    I think there’s a pattern here, it must be time to rest

  3. looking foward to the day that I look foward to mondays again.

  4. Nah ya can’t rest seven days a week – ya gotta break up the monotony one day a week – pick one day, any day of the week and designated it “time to drink beer” day. Then you can go back to resting up for the next six days to prepare for you next weeks’ arduous task of drinking more beer.

  5. not sure yet. hopfully not to long crazy thing is we have a 13 year old dog. to old to travel to the philippines and wife says no way will she leave the dog to someone else. so sounds like where here till she passes. and she is still pretty healthy.
    but I feed her bacon everyday maybe I need to kick up the amount LOL>>>>

  6. I guess it all depends on the type of dog and it’s genepool. You could always give him/her your share of the breakfast bacon! Or, just bring the dog with you. We brought two cats with us.

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