Philippines: News-week in Review (20 Aug 2019)

For sometime now, It’s been a common practice for me to log onto the computer in the morning in search of important news stories about the Philippines. There is so much happening here that it is difficult most days to absorb all the news, let alone just those stories which might be noteworthy or impactive for us expats living in the Philippines.

I have reorganized the blog with a NEW Category of news stories and intend on publishing noteworthy news events from across the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region that may be considered impactive to that country, Expat living, and Filipino OFW’s. Articles may include and are not limited to breaking news, public safety, living, growth, tourism, business, the economy, travel and transportation, and other topics.

News stories will either be summarized with follow-on links to additional information or will be expanded coverage, providing as much information as possible. All news will be categorized into the header menu of this blog nested under “IN THE NEWS!”  In the past, news stories were just thrown into the blog mix and could be difficult to find in a search. After this initial News-Week in Review post, all news stories will be individualized and tagged so they will be more search friendly and easier to find.

So here goes – (news links provided below will open a new window away from this site).

There’s New Poop in the Water!

                                                                                                                        It’s Boracay Again!

This week was an interesting week on several fronts. It began with news from white-sanded Boracay Island. Most prospective tourists are already aware of President Duterte’s shutdown of Boracay Island last year for environmental rehabilitation, and now that it’s open the new bad players are the tourists themselves. A recent video went viral last week showing a supposed Chinese tourist burying what looks to be a child’s soiled diaper or underwear. The beach area in question was subsequently closed to swimmers for several days while the search for the now popular poop was conducted. Read News Article here… or watch Video.

Chinese Out in bid for Subic Shipyard?

                                                                                                                  Hajin Shipyard, Subic Bay

Many are convinced that the Philippine government really does not want the Chinese to become new tenants of the defunct Hanjin Shipyard in Subic Bay. News this week has it that some better suiters have stepped forward involving a joint Australian and U.S. partnership. That would leave China out and I think that is what all parties want… except China of course. Story here…

New Tourist Visa Rules?

                                                                                                                        A Balikbayan Visa

Is the Philippines preparing to shoot themselves in the foot? Just when tourism seems to have hit new highs, the Philippines is looking at ways to stem the flow of unwanted individuals in the country. Is this new plan targeting only one demographic? Full Story…

The Boys (Chinese)Are Back in Town!

                                                                                                                            They’re Heeer…er!

Just last week, a Chinese ship encroached into Subic Bay, unannounced and unapproved as China seems to be taking there territorial aggression to another level. President, Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that he will confront Beijing, further expressing concerns over the passage of Chinese warships through Philippines sovereign waters. Tensions seem to be heating up between these two states. Find out More…

About the author: Arel (Filipino for R.L.) first arrived in the Western Pacific in 1974, and has been coming and going ever since. He and his filipina wife of 33 years moved to the Philippines in 2013 and now share residency and travel between the Philippines and the island of Guam. He pulls no punches when he blogs about life, liberty, and happiness under the tropic sun, all the while Living in the Pacific… the Western Pacific – One Day at a Time!

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