Philippines Experiencing high Rate of HIV infections

Just when everything seems to be going in the right direction for this country, another serious concern emerges.


MELBOURNE – “I feel and sense that the Philippines may be the next Africa.”

Dr. Jose Narciso Melchor Sescon, president of the AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP), made this conclusion at the International AIDS Conference being held in this city after the Philippines figured prominently in the global forum where scientific experts singled out the countries exhibiting high numbers of new HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infections in 2013.

The Philippines was identified as one of only three countries alongside Indonesia and Pakistan as having “worryingly-high” numbers of new HIV infections in 2013 while the rest of the world …. read more.

One thought on “Philippines Experiencing high Rate of HIV infections

  1. without testing assume anyone could have aids, in Angeles they do not even test blood on licensed girls

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