Philippine Internet Speeds

Ever since Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) devastated the area to our south (Nov 2013), our internet service at home has suffered. Until just recently I found that living without internet, or having very limited access, can be a very trying experience, especially when the internet has been like your life’s blood for many, many years. It’s truly an addiction that most people don’t know they suffer from until it is removed. In my opinion, at least for me, having no internet connectivity was a major major inconvenience…in the beginning. It may surprise many people who without electricity, cable TV, or internet, life goes on. After about a month of living without living with all three of those so-called modern conveniences, our electricity returned, along with cable TV, but the internet remained down hard where we live in Samar. The wireless signal that we were accustomed to receiving was interrupted for several months due to technical issues with a relay tower and I actually got used to the fact that I would have to enjoy my morning coffee alone, at least for the duration of the outage. After a while though, it got to where it wasn’t really all that bad. Life just got a little bit more laid back. If I absolutely felt the need to surf or work, I would have to head to town to an internet cafe or to a coffee shop that had wi-fi.

That was then. Today our internet relay tower has been repaired and my Globe Tattoo delivers the signal when I need it. However, sometimes the speed is slower than I was used to back in the U.S. Upon investigating internet speeds here in the Philippines, here is an ARTICLE that explains much of it.

Today, I can pretty much count on having internet access everyday however, I will never take it for granted. And that in itself, when you are supposed to be retired, is a good thing.


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