Paradise Has Changed – Not the Blog!

Some Things Change – Even Paradise!

   I would first like to give thanks for all the inspiration I have received recently from many of my readers concerning our decision to move to Guam. Because of all this support, I have decided not to change the overall focus or scope of my blog. I even had thoughts of terminating the blog, but now I am inspired to add another slice of “One Day at a Time” living in the tropics. Now as I travel back and forth between the Philippines and Guam, I can describe my experiences and the many distinctive comparisons of life in my two chosen paradises.

bird of paradise


For anyone not familiar with the flower to the left, it is called “Bird of Paradise” and is a very common sight in both the Philippines and Guam. Flowers don’t lie apparently!


   While these two locations are only geographically separated by about 1,500 miles of Pacific ocean, the similarities, as well as the dissimilarities, are crisscrossed with ironies.

If  you have been following my journey, you will know that I recently boarded a plane to Guam to set up another homestead.  

   From this point forward, I will begin documenting another leg of my continued journey through retirement, and still from within the Domain of the Golden Dragon. I also toyed with the idea of changing the blog title, but that involves changing the site’s Domain Name and that can get complicated. It would be like getting stuck in the mud with a 4-wheel drive vehicle, as Google is in total control.
Sometimes you might notice that I might add a suffix to “Retired in Samar” title such as “Living on Guam” or “Occasionally” or “Sometimes,” but know that the Blog’s name will always remain the same, as well as the title of my YouTube channel. My Facebook page has been modified to “Retired in Samar – Occasionally” and will more accurately reflect our current adventures.

    The searchable category-of-posts in the Retired in Samar blog titled “Another Day in Paradise will now include posts written from my more eastern location, Guam, and will be labeled as such in a sub-category called “Where America’s Day Begins.”  I have also added a “Mango Moments” category, from the Guam Perspective.
    I hope that my loyal readers will continue to follow me, and maybe I can pick up some new subscribers along the way… like those who may be interested in visiting or living in America’s version of Asia (Guam).
   While one paradise is very affordable, the other one, not really. One place provides for a very slow-paced life, the other location… just slow. One paradise might be cleaner than the other and one might be much noisier. in the Philippines I will always be considered a guest but here on Guam, I am no longer a foreigner. Along the way I will try to best describe my experiences, with perspectives from both locations, as we commute back and forth from one paradise to the other.
The most common characteristic between the Philippines and Guam? Well, there are two actually. They are both tropical islands and both places involve fiestas and food. Kind of a win-win situation!

   Thanks for reading, commenting, and your continued support!

Our paradise together.
Paradis’ing together.

16 thoughts on “Paradise Has Changed – Not the Blog!

  1. It anticipate that you will get more readers and the blog will be just as good, maybe better, than it was. It seems to be the best of both worlds, as long as you can afford to live in both worlds.

  2. I might have to get a part-time job, but that’s okay. I’ve been bored for the last 4 years, I need to catch up some! lol

  3. Thnx for the updates. Best of luck to you both. What is a twelve months anymore? Soon you two will be back to your old cocoon. Hope to see you guys again. Take care and be blessed. Hi Terri!

  4. Randy – My heart almost stopped when I read that you thought about terminating your blog. I do not see that as a good idea. I have been reading your blog and made recent comments, but for some reason they did not post. one question is a valid stateside license good on Guam? Also did they have a wake for that rooster? LOL!! Randy keeps things going. I’ll be glad to maintain your PI paradise for you!!! Take care young man and enjoy life.

  5. I have always like your videos and your blog so it good to hear you still going to do them and not change thing .

  6. But I will miss your videos on and around Caibayog City

  7. I’ll be still doing videos from there… I’m heading back next week. I still have a lot of raw video I have not published yet, so… more to come. Thanks for your patronage!

  8. Hopefully the raw video contains the final chapter to your house-construction story, as my wife keeps asking me to check if you uploaded it, hehe
    she’s very interested, especially as we’ve been building our own here in Denmark 🙂

  9. Yes, I have the raw video. Hope to turn out something soon. This moving thing sure kills off a lot of free time.

  10. For some reason, your posts wound up in the trash folder, and I just now found them. Anyway, I will continue with the blog as you may well know already, as I have since posted about. A stateside license is good here for 30 days if you become a resident or employed here. As a traveler, it would be valid. Thanks Charles for your comment.

  11. Hopefully Guam is as peaceful as Samar. You cant beat San Antonio island to rest the mind. You are not alone in needing to move your wifes reason. In Australia you must live in Australia for 12months prior to applying for aged pension. So almost all Australians living abroad eventually need a 12month trip back to qualify for pension and in our case we dont have a Guam like alternative.
    Do what you need to do and re-evaluate in 12months.

  12. Guam has always been a beautiful and relaxing place, just a bit more expensive than the Philippines. Well, okay… a lot more expensive! he he

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