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In 2012, my wife and I made the decision to retire early. Just one year later we quit our jobs, sold what we could, and shipped the rest to the Philippines. We were there! It didn’t take us long to adapt to the vibe of living in a tropical climate as pure chill. The people here are warm and friendly and no one seems to be in a hurry for anything. Everyone is happy, smiling and laughing and life feels relaxed and stress-free.  If you hate winters, you will love living in year-round warmth in the tropics. From beautiful tropical beaches to the freshest of foods, from exploring jungle waterfalls to a lower cost of living, there are so many reasons why living in this part of the world is awesome. For us, it was truely a dream come true.

Building a home in the Philippines
                               Home under construction!

After four years of living in Samar, and for reasons explained in the blog, we expanded our paradise and set up another domicile in Guam, USA – just 1,500 miles and a short flight east of the Philippines. Today we travel to and fro, enjoying the best that both worlds have to offer… and it’s all under the tropical sun!

In this blog (est. 2012), I cover it all – from my dreamstate to the planning and execution of making it all happen. Here you will find hundreds of articles with information gathered from multiple sources including news articles and videos, official information, helpful hints, and personal opinions. And of course, accounts of everyday real life from my One Day at a Time perspective.

Our Goal

The goal of Living in the Pacific is to help our readers facilitate a better understanding of having a choice, and to encourage the discovery of living a “better life” abroad in the Philippines, Guam, the Western Pacific, or anywhere under the tropical sun. We want to provide you with ideas and answers to your questions. We also ask that you share your thoughts and personal experiences on the blog, regardless of where you live, for the benefit of everyone who holds a desire to discover their own paradise. Don’t forget also to visit this channel on YouTube!

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About the Author

I first arrived in this part of the world in 1974, and have since lived or visited here often.  I enjoy sharing my wealth of experience and perspectives with anyone that might have their own ambitions of finding their paradise abroad. And for those persons that are already here… you might enjoy my musings.


Visit my original post about My Enchantment to learn more about how I came to discover my own bliss.

Philippines artwork sunset
                         A Sunset in Samar ~ digital drawing commissioned by Jerek Gal.

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