“Out-of-Stock” Doesn’t Always Mean “Out-of-Stock!”

A Mango Moment

Because we choose to live on an island and everything is imported (nothing manufactured), one thing that is very common is that ANYTHING on any given day can be out-of-stock (including customer service and the occasional thought process).

The Ham & Cheese Omelet w/mushrooms!

The Omelet

When we choose to eat out, like everybody, we have our favorite places to go. One morning on a trip to town we decided to stop for breakfast at Isla Cafe (now Dania Cafe) in Calbayog City. We placed our order for breakfast at the counter and paid for it at the same time. We took our seats and waited for our coffee. After about a ten minute wait, the young waitress approached our table and says “I’m sorry sir, but Ham and Cheese Omelets are out of stock today.” In over two years, this is the first time I have ever been told that something as simple as an egg omelet was not available.

So with a bit of frustrated excitement, I questioned her… “What do you mean out-of-stock? How can omelets be out-of-stock? Do you have eggs?” “Yes sir” she replied. “Do you have Ham?” I asked. “Yes Po” she politely replied. “How about onions and cheese?” “Yes Po, we have those things.” Totally confused, I then asked “Well if you have all those things, how can omelets be out-of-stock?” In all seriousness and with a saddened face she replied “But sir, we have no Mushrooms!”

I don’t even like mushrooms!

Isla Cafe.JPG