One Thing Leads to Another

One Thing Leads to Another

Or…It’s Just a Case of Perfect Timing!

As sure as Jupiter revolves around the sun just like the Earth, the orbit is somewhat longer and therefore takes much longer to accomplish the evolution. Sort of like the way things happen here in the Philippines. I recently wrote about the new road construction that leads from the highway through the jungle, 1.6 kilometers to our coastal village. Everyone in the barangay is ecstatic and happy that the work has finally begun. It has been a rough ride for many folks for many years. The center-car operators are especially happy that they can look forward to not spending so much down time related to the current rough road conditions. And the passengers, well…they are all looking forward to a much smoother ride. Even as the crews work on Sunday (I presume because it is a slow traffic day), the people in the barangay are not only happy because they are getting a new road, but also because there has been several jobs created for those lucky residents lucky enough to get selected to swing a pick or shovel, and clear the way for new pavement.

Moon, Jupiter, and Venus
Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

But as with all things that are certain, when you put unskilled laborers to work at something with little oversight, things (shit) happens (hey, Forrest Gump coined it). As the digging and breaking up of concrete happens, so does the destruction of water lines. This is no surprise because there are no real “water mains” to speak of here and water lines here tend to zig-zag under the roadway in every which direction. So anyway, a main line gets severed and now the water must be turned off. And common sense tells me that when you must shut off a main water feed, the power to the pumping station must also be shut down. So, here we are on a Monday evening with no water and no power. What else is there to do but crack open a few San Miguel Pale Pilsen and sit on the patio in the dark!

So, here is the real benefit to some unskilled laborer unknowingly cutting a water line that leads to a power shortage….the elimination of all the light pollution and a clear starry sky just after sunset!  Without all the proverbial “stars all lined up” (string of events), I probably would never have been able to witness so easily the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all lined up in the same picture frame. Jupiter shines more brilliantly than any star and it is the second-brightest planet after Venus. In late June and early July, Venus and Jupiter staged their closest conjunction until August 27, 2016, but will again present a second – though less close – conjunction in the evening sky on July 31 – the same date as this year’s Blue Moon.

Venus and Jupiter shine fairly close together on the sky’s dome all through July 2015, and both Venus and Jupiter will transition over into the morning sky in August 2015.

Bad luck or good luck? It all depends on your perspective. And the rarity of it all was not the actual lineup of our solar system as much as it was ME not wanting the power to come back on too quickly! Screw the aircon and the fan…from my perspective, it was an enjoyable starry first for me and I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could…as long as I am Retired in Samar! It’s just not something anyone sees very often.


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