One More Food Stand!

Guest article written by and photos courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger John, who lives in Calbayog City. If ya’ll have time, visit his blog….

Texan in the Philippines

Robbie’s New Food Stand

I’ve been saying for a while now that we need to take advantage of our location. We live directly across the front door of the largest hotel on the island of Samar. That is where a lot of foreign travelers stay when they visit our fair city. It seemed to me that not having some type of business to take advantage of that is just wasteful. So today, steps were made to get that accomplished. Not by me, but by one of my nieces. Here’s the story.

My niece Robbie has imagined the same thing as I have and she is now having a little stand built out front for just the reason I explained. She will be serving food but it’s a little different from any other eatery in the area. Her plans at this time are to serve only local items, because that’s all she knows, but the things she will have are not otherwise served around here. Some of the items on her planned menu are hamburgers, pancakes, fish balls, squid balls and banana egg rolls (aka banana Q). Another unique thing that she will have is she will be making shakes. I’m not sure of all the flavors of shakes but I have been informed that mango and banana will be 2 of the flavors (not a big surprise).

Gettin 'er done!
Cleaning up!

She should be open next week, but I don’t know the hours yet. Filipinos are not big on times anyway so whatever time it is will probably fluctuate often. I’m not sure how long she will be able to remain open in that spot because of the proposed road widening. We still have not heard much from them on that, since they came out and did an official measurement.

Robbie’s 8 year old daughter, Faye, says that she is the one that will be in charge, but I hope she gets a lot of help from Mom because she (Faye) has a hard time figuring out the amount of change to give, plus she probably will not be allowed to cook, because she is so young. At the moment it looks like it will be only Robbie and Faye working out there, but I guess we’ll know more as time goes on.

There is no name for the place yet. I suggested “Faye’s” or “No Name”, but I’m not sure if they will accept either of those. They might not even put a name on it. That happens around here a lot also.

Carpenter at work
Carpenter at work

 Another good thing about this new stand is that Robbie swept   up the whole area and most of the pile of things that had been collecting out front has been mostly removed. Robbie is big on cleaning. So in conclusion, when it opens, and you are passing by, please stop in and check it out. Robbie also mentioned that if Lita (my wife) wants to cook an item or two to sell out there, than that would be fine with her. Lita is an excellent cook and can make many things that a lot of people around here do not know how to, and a few of those things, some of the people here don’t even know exist. I’m hoping for and wishing their venture much good fortune.

   Salamat Y’all

2 thoughts on “One More Food Stand!

  1. Okay, so I make a visit to Robbie’s food stand and I must admit, I was impressed. The presentation of the food menu was good and so were the Fried Chicken Balls I ordered for P10. 5 deep fried battered balls that were flavorful, but I struggled finding the actual chicken. I’m sure they taste different than the fried fish balls or fried squid balls, but I’ll save that order for another time. I recommend them anyway as they go good with a cold bottle of San Miguel Pilsen which they also serve for P27 (about .60 cents).

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