Number of Expats in the Philippines?

BI logoMARCH 15, 2013
More than 84,000 foreigners made their annual report to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) this January and February, representing six percent more than those who reported in the previous year. BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said a total of 84,399 aliens beat the March 1 deadline for the annual report, compared to 79,289 aliens during the first two months of 2012. David said the government raised more than P24 million from annual report fees this year.

David explained that aliens who failed to beat the deadline may still make their annual report fees but they will be assessed fines and penalties. He reiterated that aliens who do not comply with the reportorial requirement may be liable for deportation for
violating Philippine immigration and alien registration laws.

The BI chief, nonetheless, noted that the increase in the number of reportees this year is indicative of the continued influx of foreigners into the country.

The Alien Registration Act of 1950 requires foreigners staying in the Philippines to report to the BI within the first 60 days of every calendar year. Unless exempted by law, foreigners who are holders of immigrant or non-immigrant visa holders must make the annual report.

Atty. Ronaldo Ledesma, BI acting alien registration chief, disclosed that Chinese nationals totaling 30,112 topped the list of the annual reportees, followed by 10,860 Indians, 9,232 Americans and 8,449 Koreans.

He added that foreigners from Taiwan, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and Indonesia make up the top 10 list.

Source: Philippine Bureau of Immigration

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  1. Hi Randy,
    I tried to comment earlier about new procedures @BOI in Intrmuros (Manila) but got a message that I had submitted it before. I HAD commented before about revisions but this one is new as of yesterday, so it is probably the newest info you’ll have.
    I found this in Facebook submitted by Matt Ashe who posts there fairly often: ”
    Matt Ashe
    Yesterday at 12:23pm · Manila
    Update on Immigration: Went to BI main today for an early extension of my visa. Had all of the forms for both the visa extension and new ACR as well as the usual copies of my passport and photo. The nice young lady at the first desk said that all of the forms were old and I would have to complete a new one. Annoyed, I said “Okay, fine.” She handed me a half sheet of paper and let me know that was it. It’s all consolidated now. Basically my name, address, birthday and how many months to extend, 1 or 2. No photo necessary anymore. I asked her 3 different times about the ACR form. She said that was it. In less than one hour from walking in, I was walking out with my extension and shiny new ACR which looks much nicer that the “Yellow” one that I had last. BI has gotten very efficient. I’m very impressed. The A/C even works again in the lobby!

  2. This is great news. When I did my annual last February, I noticed I was in and out in record time, probably less than 10 minutes. Things just keep getting better. Thanks for the comment!

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