Now Serving Coffee…After Hours!

My wife approached me yesterday and informed me that we needed to donate coffee to the barangay for their security detail. I asked “what security detail?” and she explained that for several months now, our barangay has 3 roving patrols and one supervisor that stay awake and patrol our village streets all night, watching over our barangay, Tomaligues. I must go to bed pretty early these days, I thought. I also thought a coffee donation is a rather nominal price to pay for security and would be cheaper than installing security lights, alarms, dogs in cages, etc. Then I asked her, why the concern all of a sudden about barangay security? She said she had no idea but it was the brainchild of the new Barangay Kapitan (captain). It is not the result of something that has happened or is something that is coming down, but they are just trying to impose some rule of law here; that in itself is actually commendable. There once was an incident a little over a year ago when some outsiders came to the village by boat under the cover of darkness, and helped themselves to a new motor, removing it right out of a local fisherman’s boat. My question is how did they know to target the boat with the “new” motor? I guess all this security today is just all in the name of  “preventive measures”. So the coffee donation is okay with me and I also offered up one simple suggestion – that the coffee be allocated according to the level of authority. In other words, the three barangay security or “police officers” (Tanods) are all to receive an equal share of coffee every night with the one councilor-supervisor (Kagawad) getting an extra package of 3 in 1 to make extra sure he stays awake so he can perform his job, which is to make sure the others stay awake, alert, and on their toes. I know how this all works – you just have to make sure you grease the right wheel to keep things moving!

2 thoughts on “Now Serving Coffee…After Hours!

  1. 3 in 1 is not very good coffee to keep anyone awake!? It should be plain strong black coffee…but knowing the taste of pilipinos….just thumbs up for they don`t get sleep too early! PatroLs paid by San Miquel……COFFEE!! 🙂

  2. Brewed coffee would be more expensive and black instant coffee would be the best, I agree. But any coffee is better than none. :/

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