Not So Crowded Skies Over the Philippines

An Airborne Mango Moment

  I must say, between Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines, CP is much more punctual. During my return from Manila to Samar, my first flight of the day was from Manila to Cebu on the Airbus 320 (about 1h10m) and the only problem I encountered was that the seats do not recline. Nope, nada! A bit uncomfortable for me. The flight from Cebu to Calbayog (50m) was on the ever faithful and aging ATR 72 but at least the seats did recline.
   On the second leg once we were airborne, the Captain announced our intended altitude, weather conditions at our destination, and our expected time of arrival into Calbayog City “Based upon traffic!” I couldn’t hold in my enthusiasm and I had to mention to the gentleman sitting next to me “What traffic? We are the only flight into Calbayog this entire day!” He looked relieved and we laughed and we arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
One must remember Calbayog City has an airport where the goats and chickens must be shooed off the runway before each flight arrival! Come to think of it, maybe that is what the pilot was referring to… ground traffic!

6 thoughts on “Not So Crowded Skies Over the Philippines

  1. I always find it funny that while you are waiting for the outbound flight to Manila, the horn going off a few times informing the ground crew, live stock to get off the run way.

    I always wonder if the plane hits some live stock. Would they be fined?

  2. Hey Randy will be back in Calbayog around the 8 may. Wife is putting on Shindig on the 11 may. If you and Teri are in the Area welcome to stop by. Will be plenty to eat and drink.

  3. Randy – Glad you made it back to Calbayog in one piece. I really had to laugh at your description of the airport. I remember my first impression. I only saw rice fields and carabao. I’m ASKING THE WIFE WHERE AND THE H— IS THE RUN WAY? You and the wife take care and enjoy.

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