No I Can’t – Yes I Can!


Occasionally, there is a need to keep the banana grove in our back yard in check. Today I removed 5 banana plants from the yard. They grow faster than weeds and they can get really messy and if allowed to get out of control, can become more of a nuisance than what they are worth. We currently have 3 large bunches of bananas growing and I needed to thin the grove out anyway. They are easy to remove as I just cut them below the dirt line with a spade shovel and snap them out of the ground.  I then cut them up with my bolo and load it all in my wheelbarrow. After filling up the wheelbarrow, I fetched my nephew so he could show me where to dump it all (as the barangay is always changing where to dump cuttings and such). He says “No uncle, I will dump that for you.” I told him “No, I just want you to show me where and I will dump it.” Again he insisted “No uncle, it’s too hard for you, I will do it!” I said “okay, it’s up to you, but why do you say it is hard for me…am I too old?”  He hesitated and then explained that the jungle area where he would take it was just too wet and muddy and that I just couldn’t do it. So I conceded to him and again said “okay, thanks…you go then.” After pausing for a moment he then says “Uncle, you want to go with me?” 

Somewhat dumbfounded but mostly confused!
Somewhat dumbfounded but mostly confused!

3 thoughts on “No I Can’t – Yes I Can!

  1. Maybe he just wanted to show you where it was so you could see for yourself that it would be difficult for an old fart like you. Or maybe it wasn’t. Did you go?

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