New, Improved, Retired in Samar – Philippines

This is a shout out to introduce the new and improved Retired in Samar blog to all my current blog subscribers and future readers. Now that my internet service has become reliable again, I hope to be a regular participant on the blog again. Watch for more articles and more photos as I post to the blog on a

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more regular basis. Thanks to my friend Carl from Las Vegas (and soon to be a Philippines resident himself) for all the assistance and expertise in blogging optimization and helping me to redefine this site.

Anyone experiencing any problems with access to this site please leave a comment or use the contact us page for help. Please share your thoughts and any suggestions you may have for improving this blog. My goal is to make it the go to blog for anyone that also wants to join me in Discovering Samar, Before Others Do!

6 thoughts on “New, Improved, Retired in Samar – Philippines

  1. I already like that I can now leave a comment. It was too difficult before for me going through WordPress. I’ll be looking for your new stories and I’ll be sure to make a mention of your improved blog in my blog.

  2. I have been reading your blog for awhile and i like the new look.My wife and i have only a few days until we
    will be heading your way,we have a place closer to catbalogan.Will be nice to get back to some warm weather.

  3. Hi Wayne, Thanks. Well you picked the right month. Over the course of the last week, things have been heating up. April, as you probably know is the hottest and driest month in our area. Last night, we had such clear skies, you could see the Milky Way. Are you staying for good, or just visiting?

  4. We will spend about three weeks there and then drive up to Subic to see some friends of ours there and hope to get in some golfing.Yea i know it will be hot but my wife wanted to
    be there for the fiesta,but will be nice to see the family.

  5. I have golf clubs here. They have much dust on them. :/ Well, if you happen to pass through Calbayog at eating time, give me a shout or text to 09277865646. Safe travels.

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