New Calbayog City Market [Photos]


Recently opened, the New Calbayog City Market is filling up with vendors as they make the move from the old riverfront market that is already being demolished. As everyone gets set up, and schedules  are adjusted, new patterns will begin to form and I think Calbayog will eventually embrace this change. As long as the prices don’t go up too much!

New Market Opens Early!


Filling Up with Vendors!


Fresh Catch!
Fresh Catch daily!
Dried Fish!
New Market is Doing Business
New Market is Doing Business
Ground Level Dry Market
Ground Level Dry Market
Let the Shopping Begin!
Let the Shopping Begin!

3 thoughts on “New Calbayog City Market [Photos]

  1. And I’m supposedly within walking distance to the new market and I haven’t gotten any pictures yet. My eyes are kind of messed up right now though. They are really red. The Visine I have is expired (March 2010), so I need to get something here, maybe today.

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