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Start a Blog and Move to the Philippines…

Blogging in the beginning.
Blogging in the beginning.

… and document all the adventures (and mis-adventures) heretofore and hereafter, to entertain the world, er…well, those few that would be interested anyway. Blogging, It seemed easy enough. Actually it has always been easy up until recently. It has been nearly three years (July 3rd) since we first arrived on the island of Samar in the Philippines to live. The record of events leading up to our departure was the easy part. Did this, did that, sold this, sold that. All easy to document. The process of getting our paper works in order, although a little more complicated and taxing at times, was also easy to describe to anyone who had a want to know. Filled out this form, signed this, sent it to…, notarize this, 3 photos here, attach that… yada yada. The packing and shipping our household goods, arriving in the Philippines, and settling in to our new home was also simple and straight forward to write about. Even after settling in – the excitement of it all and just being in the land of smiles, provided a plethora of topics to write about. From family outings, to beach visits. From meeting new friends and discovering new activities to anticipated new shops, stores, and restaurants opening in town. New life experiences are easy to describe. It was easy to remain upbeat and positive because I knew each day would likely expose us to something new.


The longer we are here, the more adapted we become to our area and our everyday lives. Life here is becoming routine (notice I don’t claim it to be boring, just routine). Almost too routine! Everyday I attempt to write about something, it seemingly increases in difficulty from my previous post. It is becoming more difficult to separate the things I initially found interesting to write about from the mundaneness of everyday life. It has been said “The more things change, the more they stay the same. Humans are tuned to seek patterns which then become the all too acclaimed “Comfort Zone.” As the world appears largely disorganized, most of us visualize a whole lot of false positives and is a kind of resignation that change and constant are two sides of the same coin, one we seldom learn to see as a whole. Take a waterfall for example. Upon close inspection, the falling water is constantly changing patterns based upon outside forces like volume of water, wind, and human interaction. It is in a constant state of change. But from the most simple perspective, say between today, tomorrow, or next year, the waterfall as a whole always appears the same as it was the previous visit. I guess that can be said about life and living anywhere. For us though, life in Calbayog city is, for the most part, quiet. We have visited almost everything the local area has to offer, eaten at almost every restaurant, been to every beach, numbers of times. Some of our new-found friends have already gone. While newcomers still arrive, others are pulling up stakes. And we stay put. The excitement of living in paradise is wearing off. While we can’t help but enjoy our easy-going lifestyle, I still struggle to come up with an accurate word to describe it, and until I do, I will just have to settle on the adjective “ordinary.” It is becoming as mundane as living in Tupelo, Mississippi, except for the tropical weather part, and the great scenery.

Change is Inevitable

I know my writing style started our like most other bloggers. A handful of fun, together with a slice of upbeat and a spoonful each of excitement and humor…all with a pinch of my personally developed sarcasm. Over time though, the positives of this culture are being weighed upon by the negatives. Not overpowered, simply weighed upon (my own personal opinion). My pinch of sarcasm has increased to become a spoonful and my recipe for “More Fun in the Philippines” has become a little overdone, and a little humdrum if you can accept that. Maybe I’ve been painting only half of the picture! That could be it. There is another side to paradise that the majority of bloggers will never touch upon. Like it is taboo.

Jimmy Sieczka
Jimmy Sieczka

In the words of YouTube video host Jimmy Sieczka, “I have seen and experienced all the beauty and wonders this country has to offer. I have also seen and experienced all the f***ing bullshit this country has to offer.” His hosting of the satirical video “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippinesbecame the target of a lot of Filipino anger when the video was published in 2012, which I’m made to believe, forced him to make a hasty departure from this country because of death threats. He has since made a public apology. What I am driving at is this: It is becoming difficult to culminate everything I like about the Philippines without at least addressing some of the things that can be annoying. So what I have planned is to do more video to capture some of the good, bad and ugly at the same time, if that is possible.

As I continue to blog, I will be producing more Video Logs (Vlogging).  I am making the jump into video in order that I can better deliver my full introspective on living in the Philippines. I want to keep things from getting too boring. Please visit my YouTube channel and “Subscribe” to get a more accurate picture of living in paradise. My chosen paradise.

The inspiration for this post come by the way of the new guy moving to Palawan Island in the Philippines to begin his adventure. Chad is quitting his job of 5 years in Dubai and is moving to the islands to live. What is he going to do? He started a blog of course!

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12 thoughts on “My Blogging Life is Evolving – Philippines

  1. Great article and I can totally see things becoming routine and seem normal after being anywhere for a extended period of time. I do visit your you tube channel and will work on subscribing.

  2. Anywhere one lives can become boring in it’s routine.
    One must look for some form of hobby to keep the mind occupied.
    Lack of available materials to do as such in PH is a problem for this 🙁
    Travelling all over PH would be great, but sucks your funds dry pretty quick.

    Maybe start a small chicken run to keep one occupied. At least the resources are there.
    Specialty piggery for shipping to Makati, hahahah

    What about a fishing vlog for the westerners to watch.
    Show where to go and whats available !
    In Calbayog, if I could buy some fishing line etc, I would have loved to do some fishing when there, to relieve the boredom.
    I am not a fishing fanatic here, but, the Philippine Islands changes ones mindset.
    I could sit there in the sunshine, with all that flat water, and enjoy catching a fish, hopefully 🙂

    Active minds need activity.

  3. Keep at it Randy. You do a great job.

  4. Thanks Kevin. Some days it feels like I’m trudging through deep mud, but a cold beer at the end of the day washes it all off!

  5. I like the chiken run idea. Put a chicken in the run and watch him go back and forth all day long. It would be like watching the grass grow. Relaxing! Thanks Neil!

  6. I hear ya Randy. Things go from exciting to ordinary in a few years. It’s a great laid back lifestyle, don’t get me wrong, but things could be turned up a notch or two. If you are retired here and have plenty of money then you could venture out and see other areas. For us that don’t have so much money, then we get into our routines. It’s not bad though. I eat, sleep and drink when I want and the people here for the most part are wonderful. I’m lucky to have good relatives here. For some people the relatives are part of the problem. I’ve lived in worse places for sure.

  7. It’s a quandary in my everyday dream life. To live or not to live in the States/Philippines. Still working here in USA but getting close to retirement age. Been to Phils six times already for extended vacations. Have experienced the frustrations of culture shock to extreme annoyance many times. Love it there but, love it here as well. For sure I think my hobbies could never run out in the States but, maybe some great new ones in Philippines. I dream constantly…

  8. Mark, are you married? To a Filipina? Know that moving here takes a huge commitment. You should be 100% sure of making any decision to live in the Philippines, as it can be an expensive exercise in futility if it does not work out. Plan carefully, know where, how, and under what conditions you want to live, set expectations with family and DO NOT lose control of your situation. Is life perfect here, no… but there are positives that fill my everyday life here that was not happening in the U.S. Just the reduction in stress and taxes is enough to mellow most people right out, until the karaoke starts. But Duterte has a plan to fix that! 😀

  9. Randy, what a beautiful home and compound you have built for your family. I would like to to asks you some direct and personal questions about it. As well as I have some very personal questions I would like to ask you in regards to my own situation. I believe that you probably don’t want to answer them here, in your open forum. However I may be completely wrong about this and you will answer them here. I am new to the world of blogging and what is appropriate and what is not. The questions have a lot to do with the dollars of it all. Is there a way to communicate with you privately first? If so where and how can I do so?

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