My Apologies! I feel sooo…


I while back (a month or so ago) I mentioned in a blog post that I had enabled commenting for all posts. I had turned it of well over a year ago because of the spam attacks the site was receiving, which eventually led to this site being hacked, nearly loosing years worth of data. I have since upgraded this site’s protection and feel somewhat safer now that most spamming attempts will be blocked.

However, after installing and upgrading these safeguards, for some silly reason (stupidity), I forgot to “flip the switch” that opens up the comment dialog box. I had done everything else except I simply overlooked one particular little toggle. I never professed to be a programmer or nerd, so you will have to forgib (tagalog for “forgive”) me. See, living in paradise does have its negative long-term effects!

I guess I’ve been just to busy to realize there were no comments being received on several of my more recent posts until long-time reader Sailor John contacted me (He must have had something serious he wanted to say.) Thanks John V.W!

So… Release the Hounds! (and thanks for visiting!)


7 thoughts on “My Apologies! I feel sooo…

  1. This is a test comment to see if it really works Does this thing have spell shecker?LOL

  2. Ok I am not seeing anything Testing 1 2 3 4 this is a test of the Emergency broadcast system. This is not a spam comment.
    BTW I have been reading all you recent blogs nice work. I have enjoyed them and with your help the Asawa and I canceled our 6 week trip home are now slowly burning up our BDO PHP account.
    I can not give you all the credit, Uncle Eferin built a house on our property, and Tita Nenang stole about 10 k plus can not seem to tell the truth. Then the straw that broke the preferbial camels back was when Tita Didai sold her land to a stranger and then told them they had a right of way across our property.

    No more Philippine dreams for us. Were staying right here in the shitty but better than the Philippines USA!

  3. Hey, This is Mike Braddy in Tagaytay,,was just wondering with all your infinite wisdom and knowledge,,,have you been able to encounter or have knowledge of any supplemental plans accepted here for Overseas Tricare Standard???Or any actual term/whole life insurance plans that can and will allow my beneficiary to be a significant other filipina citizen?? I do have a policy now with NAVY MUTUAL AIDE at a decent cost and paid thru retired pay allotment in DFAS but was just wondering,,,thanks for any and all inputs or suggestions I follow your feed thru my email so see basically everything thanks again

  4. Actually Michael B., I don’t know much more than I did 2 years ago when I posted THIS ARTICLE. Fortunately for us, we were able to setup a new residence here on Guam where we hope to fulfill most all our medical and health care needs while we travel to and from the Philippines. Sorry I could not be more help. Have you tried looking for answers in the facebook group Retired US Military Personnel Philippines (RUMP)?

  5. Thanks for the comment. Where in the Philippines is your land? Land disputes are the number one cause of death I think (non-political), or at least it seems that way. Nobody ever wins when it comes to issues concerning rights-of-way, land grabbing, boundaries, etc. Somedays I think it might be best to just live on a sailboat… but then you would have to deal with pirates! lol

  6. 2.7 HA with easy access and a road to one corner. In Calinog Iloilo about 10 KM from where they are building the new lake. Never floods its a great property if your not related to the neighbors.

    Its for sale comes with an uncle lots of cousins and daily trespassers.

    We want 1.2 million PHP for it the deep well had water during the driest time. It has survey and we have our title connected to the original OCT.
    We basically decided that we will never see it again.
    The good thing is it looks like we got a refund from Korean airlines but Cebu Pacific burned us for the entire fare even when we tried to cancel 20 k PHP another reason to not return until the country grows up. INJAP hotel gave us a full refund on our booking there too.

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