My Apologies from Samar, Philippines

I would like to formally apologize for moving to Samar in the Philippines, leading my family, friends and followers to believe that we were actually retiring. That was my original intent anyway! However, the first 60 days have found us scrambling to finish out the house, receive our household goods shipment (2), and get totally moved in.

Unpacking -  It reminds me so much of working!
Unpacking – It reminds me so much of working!



As of this date, we have been living in the house for about two weeks, have received our shipments in good order, and everything is up and running…except the water! We made our application to the Calbayog City Water District office around the middle of July and we still have not been scheduled for our meter installation. It seems the timing of our arrival coincided with a promotion offered up by the water district – one which offered water installation services at a large discount…to a large portion of the populace that could never normally afford the cost. The “promo” encouraged hundreds of new applicants for running water and the increased demand almost immediately wiped out the District’s materials division. It seems they ran out of meters and pipe! Maybe they never realized that a certain level of readiness should have been attained before launching their “promo”. It’s sort of reminiscent of the California Gold Rush of 1849.

An art form called Tabo'ing!
An art form called Tabo’ing!

In any case, the sudden increase in demand means we will be scheduled when the installers actually show up, I guess. Until then, we are borrowing water from a neighbor through a hose that we have run across the paved street. We use their water supply during non peak times to fill our holding tank and the many buckets and containers in each of the two comfort rooms (bathrooms). We even top off the toilet tanks when all the buckets get full. In exchange for our neighbors kind gesture, we have agreed to pay their entire water bill, above the minimum amount of 287 pesos, or roughly $6.52.  In our case, last month we paid the additional P312 or the equivalent of about $7.10. Oh my the pain. Oh my achey, breaky heart. I can remember living in the California desert where w

The beach next door!
The beach next door!

So again, I apologize for being so busy when I’m purportedly retired, failing in my obligations to keep my blog updated. But I do have another reason for not updating my blog regularly – my computer retired on me and we have not had internet service until just a few days ago. So now, with all the finishing touches needed on the house, and all the honey-do’s, I have hijacked my asawa’s computer and have the internet to help keep me busy (busier). Now I am convinced that retirement could really be just a big fallacy and I’ll know with more certainty after I return from the beach later this afternoon. I will let you all know.

4 thoughts on “My Apologies from Samar, Philippines

  1. Your retirement is not a fallacy. It took me nearly a year to get settled when I moved to the Philippines.

    If you have the money, I would suggest getting a gravity tank put in even after you have running water. It will make a difference during periods of water outages and when the water pressure is low. I have yet to do it myself due to other priorities, but it’s next on my list along with an automatic power generator.

    The nice thing about having a stainless steel gravity tank in place is that you won’t need a hot water tank to take warm/hot showers most of the time. The stuff coming through the pipes can be extra cold during the rainy season. I hope to retire my hot water heater, which is already almost seven years old, as soon as I can.

  2. Thanks for visiting RT. Some days it sure feels like retirement is still a dreamstate but I know what you’re saying. Once everything is complete I will be able to relax more. When I had the tankless water heaters installed, I installed separate cutoff switches for safety and so the unity can also be disabled when hot water is not needed. The idea of a gravity tank is on my list but have to complete the concrete roof over the dirty kitchen first. All in good time I guess. I’ve experienced that cold water thing you are talking about and I can say this with some certainty – the longer I am here, the colder the water gets!

  3. Hello,

    I am glad your shipment arrived safely in the Philippines. Did you encounter any problems claiming your shipment? Also, I was wondering if you shipped your appliances from US to the Phils.? If so, how does it work? How did you convert it from 110V to 220V?


  4. Hi Alona, sorry for the delay in responding. Our shipment arrived intact without problems. One of the keys to shipping here successfully is to have all your paperwork in order and a good company (Consignee) like GOETZ Moving and Storage to assist with Customs and exemptions and all that. They were professional and timely in all that they did. We shipped very few small appliances and we just purchased a small transformer to plug those appliances into when we use them.

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