Mt. Mayon the Volcano Insists – No Visitation Allowed!

Last year, just before moving here, my 22-year-old nephew and I talked about taking a trip to Albay province once we got settled, to take a hiking tour of Mt. Mayon. Just before our move, the volcano erupted and killed 5 hikers (May 2013). After that, my nephew would always quickly change the subject when I would talk of hiking the mountain again in any conversation.

Mayon kills 5
Mayon kills 5 (May 2013)

After awhile, I just shelved the idea of ever hiking the famous landmark, well-known for its perfect cone shape. Just this summer, my nephew’s interest seemed to pique again and the possibility of reviving our hiking plans was rekindled…mainly because Mayon finally went quiet and apparently, it will be 100 years before another major eruption (local talk). Then, just when I think we could be getting serious again about actually making a trip to Southern Bicol province…Boom!  Another eruption and this time it is accompanied by significant lava flows. It looks like the timing of Mt. Mayon’s eruptions is obviously not playing in our favor. My nephew has yet again made himself scarce and I’m sure I won’t hear much from him concerning anything to do with hiking volcanoes for some time. After the May 2013 event that killed 5 tourists, when I ever caught up with him and mentioned climbing Mt. Mayon, he would simply say “sorry uncle, I think I’m working that day!”

With some reluctance, I guess I will have to suggest to him that we should find a smaller, less active mountain to climb. Then I’m sure he just might say, “I think I might be off work that day.” 

The following article was published today

Big deformation in Mayon seen by Phivolcs

 Ed Laguerta, Philvolcs resident  volcanologist said during the press  briefing held at the Albay  Public Safety and  Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) that at least 3 millimeters additional inflation was recorded, a bigger to the previous 10 millimeters inflation.

“Other parameters we got from yesterdays survey, from the northern side which is Buang, Tabaco City, for the last 10 days gap we are able to get at least 3 millimeters inflation. This is an additional to the positive 10 millimeters which the baseline is 2011, so within the period of 10 days, we have recorded 3 millimeter uplift,” Laguerta narrated.

Laguerta explained that this recorded inflation is considered a very significant activity which may drive to a hazardous eruption with weeks.

Since 2013, the Mayon’s inflation is consistent to 10 millimeters and drop down by .65 millimeters during the lava trickle. That was September 15, when Phivolcs raised it alert level to 3.

Still Smoking!
Still Smoking!

“We will have this again next week, tingnan natin kung continues. Kasi doon, in other volcanoes, pag diretso yung trend it would mean na yung pressurization is ongoing,” he said

According to Laguerta, Mayon is still on a lull stage after a week of being silent but reiterated that it is still in a stage of unrest due to the movement of potentially eruptive magma.

Based on the latest bulletin of Phivolcs for Mayon volcano, the seismic network recorded only three rockfall events during the past 24-hour observation period.

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  1. mayon is a very beautiful volcano. as when we fly home we always fly into lagazpi airport. with there one runway or taxiway combination lol from there it is a short ride to sorsogon. maybe when we get there in oct. we can get over to samar the ferry ride from matnog to allen looks like about 1 hour ride. my trip from sorsogon to matnog would take about 1 hour.

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