Mothers Day in the Philippines

We had been planning to attend a local village fiesta today in the Barangay of Tinambacan Norte, just a short drive up the coast north of where we live. Food, fun, friends and cold drinks – I always look forward to attending fiestas. Well, last night while watching TV, I just happened to ask my asawa if she had gotten anything for her mother for tomorrow (Mothers Day) OMG!…bells, sirens, horns and even the karaoke machines began sounding off. After she thought about it, and let it sink in for a minute, I could tell exactly what her thoughts were…“I’m going to a fiesta when I could be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother for the first time in over 30 years?”  It wasn’t long before the hyper-drive on the high-tech bamboo telegraph (cell phone) went into operation. I knew during that first phone call that she would more than likely forgo the fiesta with me. While rules were meant to be broken, plans were meant to be changed! But that’s okay, mama is definitely a much higher priority at the age 84. And, because Teri has never had the opportunity to take her mother out for a nice lunch on this important day, this was going to be a memorable occasion for her.  I gave her all the encouragement I could muster and even suggested that she include her other sisters. It would be nice for mama.

At this point, I wasn’t precisely sure if Mother’s Day was celebrated in the Philippines to the extent it is in the U.S. and then I thought, why shouldn’t it be? So I did some checking. The Mother’s Day celebration began in the United States early in the 20th century. Although it was not related to the many other celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have been celebrated the world over for thousands of years, in the U.S., it first became a recognized holiday in 1905 (Wikipedia). Despite the differences, Mother’s Day throughout the world has become synonymous with other world traditions and while celebrated, it is not necessarily celebrated on the same calendar date as was established in the United States. Along with the U.S. and the Philippines though, over 80 other countries in the world look to celebrate the holiday of motherhood on the second Sunday in May.

Mama to spend her special day with her daughters.
Mama to spend her special day with her daughters.

So now I know. While this holiday may appear to hold more material significance in the U.S. and some other western countries, it is still Mother’s Day in the Philippines and “she” should receive all the love and recognition that she so deserves. There may not be bunches of roses and teddy bears and gifts and such, but Teri will treat her mother to a special lunch today, one that mama will enjoy and one that Teri and her sisters will surely remember for many years to come.

AND…because I have my motorcycle to get around, my plans will not change. I will head to the Barangay of Tinambacan Norte and enjoy some good food and some grog. I might even drink a cold beer or two for mama!

It’s just another…but more special…day in paradise!


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  1. As an update to my post, it turned out that Teri, her sisters and Mama all went into town for an early lunch. Because it was Mama’s special day, the choice of where to eat was all her’s. Of course we have several resort hotels that all have full lunch menus, but Mama chose to eat at her most favorite place…Mang Inasal, the Philippines first and only BBQ fast food chain. She is so easy to please! And because it was “fast food”, Teri was able to come home early enough to join me at our friend’s house for their fiesta! It’s just another day in paradise! 🙂

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