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The Battle Continues…

I just seen a news clip where CNN’s Jim Acota commented on President Trump’s most recent Covid-19 press conference, that it was the “most stunning briefing” he ever sat through, calling it “downright chilling.” Acosta said he had “never seen President Trump like this” and insisted he believes that the president is “scared right now” and everyone in that room could feel it. He also told Anderson Cooper “This was a different Donald Trump tonight,” Acosta concluded. “I think he gets it.”

Everyone knows there is no love loss between Acosta and Trump and .. NO Jim Acosta, you don’t get it! Neither do all your MSM cronies who continue to paint this president as mistake-prone when it comes to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.  They hate their own president so much that they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), but that’s another disease altogether. Can you even begin to imagine how the media would react if Trump became even more authoritarian? 

Exercize in Futility?

As far as taking the “lock-down” approach, it is very possible that the  ‘collective’ America doesn’t want to ‘get it.’ Americans generally do not trust their own government and might be looking at this as a big con job. They somehow believe that most people will not be adversely affected by the coronavirus.  Our government has repeatedly admitted that people with comorbidities are quite vulnerable and should self-isolate for their own good and for the good of the medical system.  The country’s individualism, exceptionalism, and tendency equates to doing whatever you want with an act of resistance. Americans resent being told they need to stay home even if they have no risk factors. We (mostly they) are reluctant to comply with authoritarian rule therefore that will likely happen. And Trump has considered the risks of turning the economy back on, at least at the level where everyone who is considered low risk, allowing the economy to carry on as usual. Trump ‘gets it’ but continues to give in to medial experts and outside pressure to keep things in lock-down. Given this “get on with it” scenario, you can be assured the self-isolation compliance rate among higher risk individuals would see more adherance and we would rid ourselves of this pandemic much sooner. But, there would be a cost to pay in lives.

While some communities acted quicky based upon the guidance the Federal govenment and those many experts recommended, other communites, cities and even entire States have yet to employ strict, stay-at-home measures. Just a short two weeks ago, college students by the thousands converged on Florida’s beaches for Spring Break, and now some (if not many) have tested positive OR are carriers of the virus. Just a few days ago, LAPD were forced to disperse a little girl’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday (3/29) where there was 40 people, adults and children in attendance, many of whom refused to comply with distancing rules further claiming it “is only a child’s party!” Stupid is that ignorant does.

LAPD breaks up birthday party
LAPD breaks up birthday party goers

Taking Authority Lightly.

Now, before you shoot this messenger (me), do know that not all Americans are an arrogantly stubborn lot, but many are (seems like a majority). Many of these folks are the ones who are unwilling to make the common sense sacrifices to protect themselves, friends, and family members. Then you have those on the other side of the spectrum who panic so easily and now one must visit to get their toilet paper (okay, that TP thing is a joke). However, in large part, many folks just don’t like being inconvenienced and the “all about me” syndrome that America is afflicted with, dominates the thought patterns. I have a relative (millenial) in the U.S. that is a perfect example of this biligerent breakdown in “societal responsibility” when she publicly stated on social media last week “Don’t tell me I can’t go to the beach!”

While the WHO, CDC, and the Federal government have all recommended social distancing measures that closed schools, banned large gatherings, limited travel and forced people to stay in their homes, not all Americans have heeded the warnings and advice. Americans are a stubborn bunch who tend to take life and many liberties for granted and do not like being told how to act and what to do. Much to our own demise.

Many Americans who might be participating in the ‘social distancing’ concept, are still not taking the extra precautions like wearing masks, although to be fair, the WHO and CDC advised against it in the beginning. We should look to East Asia and the numbers will speak for themselves soon enough. These are countries that have been shut-down completely, and where the people do not hold onto the ‘social implications’ of wearing a mask. Most of these populations donned their masks early on, and will not have nearly the fatality rates in the end that America will. Some European countries will not fare well either.

Covid task force
Daily Covid briefings continue

The models this week are grim… projecting upwards of 200,000 deaths in the country before it is all said and done. I just read a BBC article that reports only 32 of 50 U.S. states (as of 4/1) have taken lock-down steps, and that only 3 out of 4 Americans are under any sort of quarantine measures. This is in stark contrast to many other countries who have implemented a country-wide order to shut down. Most all Asian countries have shut down, border to border, yet Americans continue to travel and congregate. In the Philippines, even though mandates eminating from the top tend to become convoluted and mis-interpreted by the time they reach the village levels, there is a lock-down in play for the entire country! Likewise in most all other nations in this part of the world. Many restrictions allow only one person per household to travel to get groceries once or twice per week. Some people have NO money for food. People might starve to death in some places because of food distribution issues, but they will not be killed by the Coronavirus!

To Be, or Not To Be.

Whether you like President Trump or not, he has a tough job… made even tougher at the hands of mother nature. He “Got It” early on when he assembled his Covid-19 task force that first few days in January, all the while the Congress was focused on his impeachment. He has made many tough calls already, but unless he stands of his own convicitions and turns the economy back on, or gets a bit tougher and issues a Federal level lock-down, at least for the near-term, the country is on a path that will likely lead to a tragic outcome. He took allot of heat from the opposition early on when he banned flights from China, then again a week later when he banned flights from Europe.  Even though he is surrounded by many subject matter experts (who all give him high marks for his handling of the crisis), he will continue to fight all those who hate him equally as he fights to protect American lives from this virus – and that is the sad part of all of this. Why can’t people stop attacking him and allow him to concentrate on protecting the American public? Why don’t any of these people, who seem to have all this pent-up advice on how to run this country, throw their hat in the ring for POTUS? But I digress.

For what it’s all worth, the conclusions reached by this Administration generally match those from similar models by public health researchers around the globe. As dire as those predictions are, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx said the number of deaths could be much higher if Americans do not follow the strict guidelines to keep the virus from spreading, and they urged people to take the restrictions seriously. So this is the bottom line… it’s being left up to the people.

As a senior citizen myself, I am leaning towards turning the economy back on, albeit slowly, and in bits and pieces. And if I did have any comorbidities, I would take my own precautionary measures going forward. Isn’t that what taking personal repsonsibility is all about? But I also understand that many people are more selfish than they are responsible, and that might just be the crux of the Administration’s problems… protecting society from it’s own self.

Whether President Trump gets tough and declares a nation-wide shut down, or if he doesn’t, it will be Katy bar the door for the Administration or the American public, or both.  He will continue to battle on multiple fronts (the virus, experts, and those with TDS) and anyway we look at it now… someone’s going to get beat eight ways to Sunday, and it’s not going to be my fault as I am doing my part… as distantly as possible.

Stay safe, Stay informed, Stay alive!


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