[Before Paradise] Manic Monday!

It’s Monday! But it’s not just another ordinary pre-defined dreary, drabby Monday. It’s a MANIC MONDAY! Everyone knows that each day of the week has a definite personality, but today’s Monday will be unlike any other Monday I will probably ever experience. Reason: we have a  good offer on our house, and once our contract is ratified and executed, we will begin the arduous process of moving to the Philippines. Actually we have already begun (mental preparedness and physical de-cluttering), but now the real process begins!

So, in reality, this Monday morning is much worse than any other Monday. Worse in the sense that I know I have much to do and don’t know exactly where to start. So procrastination sets in and I sit here and write this update. It will be the only part of the day today that I am familiar with. I am in my comfort zone, at least for a few minutes, or until the coffee kicks me into gear.  This will definitely be the easiest part of my day…procrastination is easier than it looks!

Although we did manage to pack two Balikbayan boxes over the Easter weekend, Mr. Serious will show up today and will dictate our calendar for the next 60+ days. There is still furniture and things that need to be sold, liquidated or disposed of, and other things that still need organizing and packing. There are contract details on the house that need fulfilling and temporary living accommodations to be arranged. There is a moving company that needs to be selected and coordinated with. A trip to Chicago to the Philippine embassy is in order to get all our paperwork lined up. The cats need their physicals and their passports.  Where to begin?

There is so much to do and I knew this day would come eventually, and I suppose I am as ready as I could possibly be, but it just doesn’t seem that way. It seems like I have a huge mountain to climb and I have no climbing gear. So, for now, I will sit here for a little while and ponder what to do first. Right now though, the easiest thing to do is make another pot of coffee….I’m going to need it today!

5 thoughts on “[Before Paradise] Manic Monday!

  1. where is a good place to stay for a few days not to far from Allen the island looks nice???

  2. Bernie, I’m not at all familiar with Allen but I’m sure if you search Google or Bing, you will find listed accomodations. Trip Advisor most times has information posted about recommendations for places to stay. Have fun while in Samar.

  3. Love reading your post here…. Looks like I can’t sell my place for a while yet here in Minnesota….so I will just have to spend my 9 months or so in Calbayog and go back and forth. Anyway, hope you had a nice Easter and hope it all goes well getting your house sold and getting everything else ready for your move to the Philippines. I also go thru Chicago for my 59 day tourist stay and then I renew it in Calbayog with the Immigration Officer Randy Mendoza there. I might get my visa renewed at the Cebu mall this next time. I just got back here Feb 4 and staying until May or Jun…Back to San Policarpo in Calbayog City for about 9 months again I think. Again…God Bless…and hope it all goes well for you…. see you later in Calbayog when I get back there.

  4. Well Tom, I guess during your next stay we shall meet up and have lunch or something. Why is it that you can’t sell your place in MN? Where is your wife living, in Calbayog? So I’m guessing she does not come back to the U.S. with you. Anyway, the anxiety is way up (almost off the scale) and I have much to accomplish. We shall meet you soon!

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