Lucky Streak Ends at Swap Meet

A Lucky Find!

It’s not everyday you can visit a swap meet or flea market in the Philippines and pick up some new treasures (another man’s junk). I have never seen one in the area we live in (Calbayog City). I used to scour the local Facebook selling pages for items for sale and the majority of the time all I would find are cell phone’s, cell phone accessories, and cell phone covers (not to mention some get-rich-quick schemes). Sometimes you might find ladies fashion accessories but in reality, not much in the way of any “man” stuff. I seriously think the name of some of those Facebook pages need to be renamed to something other than “Buy, Sell, Trade.”

Here in Guam, there have flea markets or swap meets. So far, we have found two places on the island that meet early on weekend mornings. Last week I found a Husky 3 drawer tool box that the Seller gave me a great deal on for only $15. Because my arsenal of tools is located at our home in the Philippines, I really needed a small box for the new tools I am now collecting here. I have already filled up the small chest and had buy another small portable tool box for miscellaneous things. I simply cannot live with a woman who expects me to be the handyman around the house without tools, so the new collection begins! 

                             The $15 “Husky” Tool Chest

A Bit More Luck.

The next time we visited the flea market, I found a ball cap that I definately needed.  I left all my hats in the Philippines and I’ve been telling my wife that I needed to get a hat. Hat buying is not something you schedule a day for, nor do you just jump in the car to go out and look for one. Hats are usually a spur of the moment purchase, or impulse buy… for me anyway. So I find this ball cap and as I picked it up, the seller says “Only $3.00 for the hat!” It has a “Bud Light” logo and NFL logo on it and as I was examining it, I replied “But I don’t drink Bud Light, only San Miguel.” He quickly responded “okay for you then, only $1.” That enabled me to spend the other two dollars on a bag full of home-made spicy “Pickled Papaya.” My lucky streak continues, but now I may forever be branded a Bud Light drinker while sporting this find.  At least my integrity can be salvaged somewhat by the NLF logo!

                       “Okay, for you…Only $1.00”

The Luck Ends!

If you read my last two posts (links provided at the end of this post), you will know how just a little luck helped me to narrowly escape a couple legal entanglements… two of them in just one day. As of today though, my lucky streak has ended (relatively… so to speak). This morning we visited a swap meet located on the Navy base at the Fitness Center’s old gymnasium. Just some military families selling stuff, most likely de-cluttering and readying themselves for an upcoming re-location to a new duty station. This is a good time to find some great deals as many of these military transferee’s fall under weight restrictions for their household goods shipment and need to lighten the load prior to their pack-out. Some things just cannot be shipped.

We picked up a couple miscellaneous things we could use at the condo, and came across a nice wall mirror for our dining area. I passed up a good deal on an almost new Oster blender for $5. I’ll be kicking myself about that one the next time my wife gets in a Margarita mood. As we were leaving, there was a truck sitting outside (late arrival) unloading their wares. In the back of the truck was a Craftsman stackable tool chest on wheels. We must have just missed this guy as we came in and by the time we came out, somebody had already bought the tool chest before it was offloaded from the seller’s pick-up truck. I would have gladly returned the mirror, hangers, and other things. Even though I just purchase the Husky chest last week, I could have really found some room for this unit in the spare bedroom. What did the tool chest ensemble sell for you ask…? Only $40.00! 

 The One That Got Away!

To me, being in the right place at the right time requires good timing and a little bit of luck. I was in the right place, but my timing was just a little off. I doubt if I will ever come across another find like that. But then again… I’m retired, what else have I got to do?  I’ll just save that $40 and apply it to a good deal on some scuba gear I have not found yet. I mean, all good luck streaks eventually start over again, right?

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4 thoughts on “Lucky Streak Ends at Swap Meet

  1. Man I miss the swap meets on base. I used to go and find field gear old uniforms it was awesome. At least you got next weekend to go shopping lol.

  2. Tool Man….YEAH…can’t live without my tools…

  3. The organized swap meets on base are a rare event, but yard sales happen all the time. Looking forward to more good things to come!

  4. Could not imagine it. When I went back to the PI last month, I just had to grab up a few favorite screwdrivers and bring them to Guam with me. Call me wierd, okay?

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